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Haim Menashehoff

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US$ 478

"Red Sea Fan"
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Red Sea Fan
US$ 478

"Yellow waterfall"
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Yellow waterfall
US$ 349

"Flight of the dolphins"
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Flight of the dolphins
US$ 1,750

"Beauty and a Beast"
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Beauty and a Beast
US$ 1,614

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Haim Menashehoff

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About Haim

Haim Menashehoff

Haim will be painting the largest painting soon: Size Of 2 Rugby Fields. This will be cut up to 10,000 pieces and sold for charity and needs to be sold in 6 months.

GENESIS chapter 1 verse 27 “and GOD created man in his own image”

A professor from Hebrew University proved the First Chapter of Genesis to be the work of GOD. Upon this discovery
“BIBLE CODES” was written.

Prof Tony Nader (MD PhD.) has discovered that there is a perfect image of the whole universe in every DNA of every human being, (Sun, 9 planets, 12 Zodiac signs & 27 clusters of galaxies.)

Each Human Being is a Whole Universe
Each Human Being is a Picture of God

We live in a very fortunate & unique time. Now we have possibilities to develop our full potentials.

Price Range

US$ 349-1,750


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