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Kerry-Ann Massey

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"Veldfire Sky"
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Veldfire Sky
US$ 351

"Ancient Universe"
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Ancient Universe
US$ 391

"Eye of the Storm "
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Eye of the Storm
US$ 331

"Sunshine Waterfall"
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Sunshine Waterfall
US$ 341

"Sunset Passion"
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Sunset Passion
US$ 75

"I am ..."
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I am ...
US$ 191

"Hear me ..."
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Hear me ...
US$ 191

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Kerry-Ann Massey

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About Kerry-Ann

Kerry-Ann Massey

"In everything in life there is art....the curve of a leaf, the touch of the wind, the shine of the ocean on a sun kissed to me, is what the soul feels after your eyes have seen and your senses felt."

British born, I was privileged to be raised in various countries, from the Isle of Man, to a small village on Anglesey, North Wales, to my final destination for over 20 years, South Africa.

With no formal training in art,I have a deep love for both painting and Pregnant Belly casting. Painting comes from within, in colours which suit my mind and my feelings, using mainly acrylic and oils. My soul does the painting, and the feel of each piece beneath my fingers tells me when my work is complete.

As a pregnant belly casting artist , I take joy in creating each "once in a lifetime" treasure, the perfect image of a childs first home. Each cast being unique, an un-opened gift from God. With every cast there is a future, the unfolding of a lifetime to come.

Can I define my work? My work defines me, it gives me joy, hope, inspiration and peace.....

Price Range

US$ 75-391


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