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David Moore

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"Leonard Cohen"
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Leonard Cohen
US$ 73

"A Breeze Across a Lake"
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A Breeze Across a Lake
US$ 245

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US$ 81

"Looking Up Into the Baobabs"
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Looking Up Into the Baobabs
US$ 191

"Forest Impression 2"
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Forest Impression 2
US$ 254

"Gibraltar Point, Skegness, High Tide"
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Gibraltar Point, Skegness, High Tide
US$ 345

"Four Coats and a Scarf"
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Four Coats and a Scarf
US$ 363

"Bontebok Park and Breede River 1"
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Bontebok Park and Breede River 1
US$ 545

"Bontebok Park and Breede River 2"
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Bontebok Park and Breede River 2
US$ 545

"Silver Birches 2011"
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Silver Birches 2011
US$ 272

"Forest Impression 1"
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Forest Impression 1
US$ 254

"Skegness Lifeboat - Charles Fred Grant"
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Skegness Lifeboat - Charles Fred Grant
US$ 345

"Trawler Fishermen"
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Trawler Fishermen
US$ 182

"Silver Birch Walk"
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Silver Birch Walk
US$ 145

"Riversmead & the Orange River 2"
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Riversmead & the Orange River 2
US$ 545

"Forest Walk 1"
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Forest Walk 1
US$ 114

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David Moore

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About David

David Moore

I enjoy the movement of light on water, & the way that a view will never be the same from day to day, and trying to capture that change as it occurs. Be this the sea, a river, a puddle after the rain, it doesn't matter. I can look on, transfixed, for hours at a time, watching the delicate changes to the water's surface, as a breeze runs over it, the sun moves, clouds roll by, a drop of rain falls into it: all change the surface & that's when I feel the need to paint & sketch the transformation. Tricky sometimes, but worth the effort.

Having only picked up a brush again recently, after a few years of 'drought' I'm now doing my best to 'catch up' & a massive amount of un-bottleing is going on! I normally work on about 5 pieces at any given time, finding that drying times needed for my oils very frustrating.

I try & show nature as I see it, using different styles & techniques, from realism to abstract, using a combination of brushes & painter's knives, depending on the feel I want for the finished piece.

I'm a self-taught artist, working on becoming a professional, where one day, my work will support me.

Price Range

US$ 62-636



Johann van Heerdens gallery Pretoria


self taught

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