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Sameer Sirkhoth

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"Love Letter"
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Love Letter
US$ 1,969

"The Stone Bridge"
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The Stone Bridge
US$ 1,969

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US$ 1,253

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US$ 4,027

"Desert Scene"
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Desert Scene
US$ 1,969

"Persian Plate"
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Persian Plate
US$ 1,253

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Sameer Sirkhoth

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About Sameer

Sameer Sirkhoth

After having matriculated Sameer completed his BA in Fine Arts at Michaelis School of Fine Arts.
I started painting at the age of 12, focusing solely on Islamic calligraphy. Thereafter, I explored other genres such as landscapes and still-lifes. My primary interest is practicing the techniques of the old masters. To paint the manner of the old masters, it is important to have good drawing techniques as well as having an understanding of the qualities of oil paint. Brushwork is also important as it makes the painting more enjoyable to look at and also allows the artist to give certain areas of the painting greater importance by painting these areas more sharply. In painting terminology this known as selective focus. An important aspect in classical painting is the knowledge of underpainting or dead colour painting. This allows the artist to fix his/her tonal pattern and establish the lights and shadow areas. There are many different types of underpainting which is relative to time and context. For example, the French academic painters of the late 19th century painted in grisaille which is characterized by an underpainting rendered in shades of grey. On the other hand, Dutch painters of the 17th century generally used a warm brown underpainting.
I am particularly fascinated by the work of Rembrandt van Rijn for his dramatic use of light and shadow, for his handling of paint and also for his unrivalled ability to express his own psychological state as well as the psychological state of his subjects in his paintings. I find the work of the Dutch master; Johannes Vermeer very inspiring as well, particularly the way in which Vermeer was able to capture the fleeting effects of light and the way it illuminates a form, as well as his mastery in painting fine detail.

Price Range

US$ 1,253-4,027



AVA: Association of Visual Artists, Cape Town
The African Portrait Art Gallery

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