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Sonja Rivett-Carnac (nee Chambers) - Swell of Consciousness | Seascapes Art Painting
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Sonja Rivett-Carnac (nee Chambers) - "Swell of Consciousness"

"Swell of Consciousness"

Swell of Consciousness
Mixed Media, US$ 470

Swell of Consciousness

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Mixed Media
Acrylic (under-painting) and Oil on Canvas

W: 1000mm x H: 1000mm x D: 50mm
W: 39" x H: 39" x D: 2"

This work is unframed


US$ 470


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About "Swell of Consciousness"

by Sonja Rivett-Carnac (nee Chambers)

Depths of the Unconscious
Ruled by Lunar pull
Yearning Earth ... aching Moon
Haul of a fathomless floor
Opening up for more
Gaping yawning spawning

Inexhaustible mass heaving in turmoil
renewing refreshing regenerating

She moans
in deep Dungeons groans
Belly swollen with emotion
Rocked by the Motion of the Ocean
Expectant maidens roaming, lonely
Deserted by a bottomless longing

Her voluptuous body of water
Heaving, hurling a watery mass
Washing soothing easing
Not always pleasing ...
Beating to Submission
bringing Victims to their knees

A relentless Hunger fed by eons of swallowed Seamen
Mouthed sounds drowned in sunken gulps

Murmurs Echo in watery graves
Sighs speaking in tongues
Silently floating ... finally FREE
Reach and breathe!

ADVANCE recede ALLOW retreat PERMIT punish

She tosses remains of sailors claimed
Hair tangled, strangled
Sandy seaweed strands
Drifting amid silver flitting
quizzical Nibbles
Questioning mammals made for land not sea

Finally silenced by their Provider
Scavengers of the Sea
Fed by families of fishes ... set them free!
She gives ... and now takes away

Dreams to ride the Waves
Conquer and reap Treasures of the Sea
now see who's Mightier than thee!

Sonja Rivett-Carnac (nee Chambers)

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About Sonja

Sonja Rivett-Carnac (nee Chambers)

Life is Fragile - precious and forever changing. Loved ones pass on; friends come and go. I like to record LIFE through my painting.

By painting portraits my intention is to capture not only the outer facade, but the essence of a person - immortalising them in time. Sometimes recording a memory, life experience or validating a person's life.

I'm inspired by atmospheric portraits and the feelings conveyed through an expression, mood and the play of light & dark on interesting features.

The richness and versatility of oils is wonderful as a painting medium for the subtleties of portraiture. Gradually the work evolves until the moment when I exclaim, "Hello, look who's here!" and feel the person looking back at me from the canvas.

It's the most glorious sensation to be lost in a painting. In meditation I mix the oil paints until the colours are "just so" then brush them on the canvas - like a puzzle, piecing the face together with colour, tone, line and form ... Finding harmony with composition while discovering the person I'm striving to portray.

I also enjoy exploring new ideas and different ways of painting faces and shall continue to experiment with creative expression.

"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken."
~ Oscar Wilde

Price Range

US$ 61-1,235



Sonja's been an active member of SASA since 2002 and regularly participates in their Annual and Merit Exhibitions. She received a Highly Commended Award for her mixed media painting "Madonna Mirage" in 2010 at their 104th Annual Exhibition, and in 2015 a Commended Award for her oil painting "See me in a Different Light (13 faces)".

She's successfully completed numerous portrait commissions for local and international clients, including posthumous portraits from black and white photographs.


Chris Ruthven, Marcelle Lyons, Michaelis (UCT)

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