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Will Maberly - The Road to Ngweshla | Animals & Wildlife Art Fine Art
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Will Maberly - "The Road to Ngweshla"

"The Road to Ngweshla"

The Road to Ngweshla
Oil on Canvas, US$ 6,288

The Road to Ngweshla

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Oil on Canvas

W: 2200mm x H: 1800mm x D: 25mm
W: 87" x H: 71" x D: 1"

Approx. Weight: 4kg

This work is unframed


US$ 6,288


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About "The Road to Ngweshla"

I sat quietly watching as the October Sun Lowered in the sky the colors started to change as the light penetrated the dust ,promising yet another beautiful timeless African evening
Standing here like some Guardian this great Leadwood has probably been here for centuries ,like some witness to a scene that plays out daily on the road to Ngweshla
Life is simple out here , its about today , its about now its a contrast brutal and yet peaceful there is a tranquility here beyond measure a feeling that this is how it should be .

The dust rises as these old Buffalo Bulls swagger slowly down the path towards the pan , once a path - now a road ,cut by the feet of countless buffalo and elephant in the Kalahari sands
The air is filled with that intoxicating blend of the wild - a sensation of heat mixed with the scents of Africa that sit deep within your senses for ever

Sitting here in the African silence , there is a feeling of almost slipping into another world , a world where there is a purer purpose to life a world where there is no thought given to greed ,a world where silence is a companion and not an enemy a world where we belong -I shake my head at the wonder of it all , at how the wild resonates so deeply within me creating a deep thirst for more knowledge of this place and its inhabitants a need to deeply understand and portray the deep symbiosis between man and the wild .Soon...soon it will be too late take time to walk in the places the animals walk -come and take in the intoxicating blends of Africa ,..come on a journey that will humble you and yet make you powerful beyond measure

Will Maberly

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About Will

Will Maberly

There is something about Africa that catches us all for me its the harsh beauty and reality of it all ,there is a special energy that exists here , its tough , and wild like it should be .
Growing up on a farm here had its benefits , my father was a PH in the early days in Tanganyka , so we grew up amongst the animals and were enthralled by the tales of Africa , the legends ,the myths and above all that special energy that Africa invokes in us all .
My Uncle was well known Artist ,author and illustrator Astley Maberly , who wrote books such as Animals of East Africa ,Animals of Southern Rhodesia ,illustrating books such as TV Bulpins the Ivory Trail and Memories Of a Game Ranger by Harry Wolhutter etc , his ability to bring to life on paper with some lines of ink always fascinated me , and perhaps molded my future
Art has been truly rewarding for me , giving me perspective -in fact Life is very like a painting , in a painting, we form an end result in our mind, we may even sketch it but how we get there with the brushstrokes, the blends of color, the textures and the directions of the strokes are what forms our ultimate piece
So to does everything we do in life, the way we behave, what we say, the way we make people feel - like the blends of color, and strokes of different sizes of brush we become what we are! We are perhaps the artist of our own lives!

My passion for Elephants amongst other species goes back as far as I can remember , perhaps from the stories of old tuskers on the slopes of Kilimanjaro and the Selous - their intelligence as a species and the deep sense of knowing they portray , has led me to often refer to them as old souls .
My love for these creatures is what started me sketching and then painting ,and yet its the incredible symbiosis that is nature that has been my inspiration that feeling of intelligent energy that overwhelms me in the presence of this magnificence .
Behind each Painting there is a life a story about that special connection , the heightening of the senses and the realization that we are undeniably a part of a higher more organized order
I found that , whilst I loved sketching , Oils became my medium of choice as I am able to more accurately represent the deep colors of Africa , Oil paint can have a unique texture that allows the artist to push the boundaries of the norm there are always new ideas and techniques as a medium I find it open ended and that's why I use them , especially on large Canvas there is nothing more impacting than a large Canvas of Africa !
Soon if we ignore the plight of Africa this will exist no longer , the rate of organized poaching is accelerating , Unbelievably there will be no Elephants to speak of soon !I see that each one of us can impact on the future of the wild areas of Africa the drums are beating , and its time to listen

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