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Leone Tonkinson

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"Giclée - Sundowners"
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Giclée - Sundowners
US$ 132

"Giclée - Dutch Heritage - Roemer Wine Glass"
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Giclée - Dutch Heritage - Roemer Wine Glass
US$ 813

"Giclée - Fine Chinese vase I"
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Giclée - Fine Chinese vase I
US$ 813

"Cherry on a String"
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Cherry on a String
US$ 264

"Peacock Violets"
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Peacock Violets
US$ 1,202

"Dutch tea towel on wood"
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Dutch tea towel on wood
US$ 2,575

"Still life Apples"
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Still life Apples
US$ 1,202

"Still life of eggs"
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Still life of eggs
US$ 715

"Giclée - Biegertje - Wild baby boar"
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Giclée - Biegertje - Wild baby boar
US$ 813

"European Hedgehog"
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European Hedgehog
US$ 715

"Giclée - Lions Pride"
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Giclée - Lions Pride
US$ 822

"Giclée - Three Baby Giraffe"
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Giclée - Three Baby Giraffe
US$ 1,126

"Out of Africa II"
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Out of Africa II
US$ 3,061

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US$ 7,725

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Leone Tonkinson

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About Leone

Leone Tonkinson

Leone Tonkinson, a South African-born fine artist, captures the essence of light in her work. Her dynamic approach to Dutch realism is awe-inspiring as she depicts the transformative effects of light dancing with color. Her application is confident and full of energy.

Her reverence for nature and love of oil painting techniques, whether she paints Plein air or sets up in her studio, conveys a sense of immediacy and harmony that we feel within our natural environment. She plays to the strengths of her medium to achieve a well-balanced collection of textures, from velvety surfaces to soft color merges to crystal-clear and vibrant hues, all in one piece.

Leone's artwork is included in numerous private art collections in China, France, The Czech Republic, Scotland, South Africa, Spain, The Netherlands, the UK, and the USA.

Her work mostly consisted of wildlife and still life with the occasional Plein-air oil painting.

Price Range

US$ 132-81,260



Leone can be found in her studio in the quaint village of Radio Kootwijk, which is situated in a Nature Reserve on the "de Veluwe".

As an active artist and passionate oil painter, Leone offers workshops that introduce all levels of artists to oil painting.

Despite her busy schedule Leone still finds the time to host and organize an annual exhibition on "Monument day" with her students in an artist-in-action exhibit.


History Art, Architecture, Business Dev. & Entrepreneurship.

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