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65723 Works

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"Panorama 2"
View Large Image Acrylic:  W: 105mm x  H: 170mm x  D: 3mm

Panorama 2
by Celeste FourieWiid
US$ 118

"Oval Porcelain Bowl"
View Large Image Ceramic:  W: 350mm x  H: 140mm x  D: 200mm

Oval Porcelain Bowl
by Pauline van Tonder
US$ 67

"Angelic Flight"
View Large Image Oil on Canvas:  W: 300mm x  H: 400mm x  D: 20mm

Angelic Flight
by Maretha Burger-Champion
US$ 593

"7th Density Conference"
View Large Image Other:  W: 2200mm x  H: 1300mm x  D: 2mm

7th Density Conference
by Darren Bayett
US$ 21,341

"XLIV Picked"
View Large Image Oil on Canvas:  W: 760mm x  H: 910mm

XLIV Picked
by Marcoreth Toua
US$ 711

"Dune Dust"
View Large Image Print on Canvas:  W: 1000mm x  H: 411mm x  D: 1mm

Dune Dust
by Alistair Lyne
US$ 2,371

"Looking out"
View Large Image Oil on Canvas:  W: 914mm x  H: 609mm x  D: 15mm

Looking out
by Frances Engelbrecht
US$ 97

"The Unthinkable Nightmare"
View Large Image Charcoal:  W: 842mm x  H: 1500mm

The Unthinkable Nightmare
by Nkosikhona Ngcobo
US$ 771

"Spirit of Africa"
View Large Image Acrylic on Canvas:  W: 75mm x  H: 40mm x  D: 20mm

Spirit of Africa
by Nicole Romanovsky
US$ 652

View Large Image Mixed Media:  W: 400mm x  H: 300mm x  D: 1mm

by Vivian Gottlieb
US$ 237

"Einstein at 39"
View Large Image Oil on Canvas:  W: 460mm x  H: 600mm x  D: 40mm

Einstein at 39
by Riana Nel
US$ 178

"Desert Expanse"
View Large Image Acrylic:  W: 800mm x  H: 1200mm x  D: 20mm

Desert Expanse
by Marc Biebuyck
US$ 237

"Brown Hooded Kingfisher"
View Large Image Pen and Ink:  W: 297mm x  H: 210mm

Brown Hooded Kingfisher
by Aletta Kruger
US$ 61

"Leopard Hiding"
View Large Image Oil on Canvas:  W: 600mm x  H: 750mm x  D: 20mm

Leopard Hiding
by Joey Dippenaar
US$ 296

"Loving Lions"
View Large Image Pencil:  W: 410mm x  H: 590mm

Loving Lions
by Brenda Blackbeard
US$ 296

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