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Helge Olle Janssen - Alignment | Spiritual Art Art Painting
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Helge Olle Janssen - "Alignment"


Oil on Canvas, US$ 1,328


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Oil on Canvas

W: 610mm x H: 1200mm x D: 20mm
W: 24" x H: 47" x D: 1"

Approx. Weight: 3kg

This work is unframed


US$ 1,328


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About "Alignment"

1988 was the first year in which there was any outward sign that the protests, together with cultural, sporting and business boycotts were affecting apartheids rulers positively rather than negatively i.e. that there was any possibility of a negotiation. With all the insanity that had been proliferating, it was a time to take stock and realign one's focus. Here we see that the spiral and the snake are reaching a balance and a harmony underneath the arrow-head, a canopy of protection and focus. this harmony is balanced and poised, not rigid and immutable. This obviously represents the psyche and it comes about as a hard earned necessity for sanity and healing.

Helge Olle Janssen

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About Helge Olle

Helge Olle Janssen

Photographer: Gerald Botha of Stella Nova Studios, Kloof, KZN 2016

Costume design and construction, make-up, concept: Helge Janssen.

The period of disaster has lifted. PRICE of works has been updated.

My art is formed through a combination of myth, psyche, archetype and innovation drawn from life's many many influences...and has even amazed me with its portent...drawn from a deeply intuitive cognitive consciousness. We have so much more information as our source of inspiration amid a myriad of vying energies.

There was a time 1995 when I approached every single gallery in Gauteng searching for an exhibition space. All of them had a two year plus waiting list. But it was not until I approached a Gallery in the vicinity of the Market Square when the curator took out a book from New York and said to me: look at this....this is the type of art that will get you an exhibition.

With the current madness and orchestrated insanity busy bombing our minds daily, with full intention to DISORIENTATE, OBFUSCATE and DEMORALISE our lives, we have to stand strong and focused.

It is more important than ever that these moronic forces that are hell bent on subjugating the world to its morass of dubious and despicable control mechanisms by robbing us of our sovereignty are defeated. It is a GIVEN that their plans are so DELUDED that they will never succeed. The mere fact that they even THINK that their plan will succeed is alarming enough. It has FAILURE built into it. What it boils down to is that they are trying to take as many people as they can with them. It is THEIR end game. It is THEIR fear. It is THEIR stupidity.

And of course being shadow banned as an artist is shameful. But the more I am ignored, hidden, the more powerful my work becomes. It is a given. Thank you in advance.

Price Range

US$ 56-12,398



too numerous to mention but held a RETROSPECTIVE of nine paintings on an invite from artist/filmmaker Aryan Kaganof at his VIRGINS exhibition at the KZNSA art gallery 2002. I also performed a solo experimental piece, plus showcased some fashion garments at the opening.

Also a solo show at Chilliplum restaurant, Hillcrest 2013.

"The mechanism whereby change happens in a democracy is to speak out. And if nobody listens, then to speak louder" - David Lewis.


Natal Teachers' Senior Diploma III (Botany and Zoology)

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