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Jo Fourie-Symmons - Arums on Blue | Contemporary Art
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Jo Fourie-Symmons - "Arums on Blue"

"Arums on Blue"

Arums on Blue
Acrylic on Canvas, US$ 181

Arums on Blue

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Acrylic on Canvas

W: 380mm x H: 760mm x D: 37mm
W: 15" x H: 30" x D: 1"

Approx. Weight: 0.8kg

This work is unframed


US$ 181


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Arum lilies on blue background

About "Arums on Blue"

Like many women (and men?) I like flowers. The arums (varkblomme) surprise me every year: one day, as from nowhere, there they are in all their stately glory! These were hand picked on a farm in the Western Cape. I suppose I will try to capture their beauty in this way year after year.

Jo Fourie-Symmons

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About Jo

Jo Fourie-Symmons

15.06.49 - 18.06.18

Jo hails from the south coast of the Cape Province. She has lived in Cape Town for most of her adult life. Primarily self-taught, she would throughout her career enrol at Art Schools to refine her techniques of various media.

'Having studied graphic art firstly, I have never lost the exactness required for that genre. However, paradoxically, I love working in watercolours, for its beautiful translucency but also for its wayward unpredictability. I am delighted in the vibrancy of acrylics and the benefits of its quick-drying qualities. For my more languorous days, though, I dip a brush in lazy, lustrous oils.'

'Of things, places and people, people intrigue me the most. I often try to portray the mystery of man's emotions, searching for the gleam in the eye, trying to better understand the enigma of each soul.'

Jo is a deeply spiritual person. 'I think the serenity that has eluded me for years, has finally settled within me. Since I have embraced the magic of The Now, I am blessed with new enthusiasm that just wants to burst out in colours. I have accepted my earthly limitations - my tools are merely paint, brush and canvas. I have stepped into a different dimension of being Jo - and am no longer shackled up by my own delusions of perfectionism. I heartily ride the wave without unrealistic expectations or external clamour, and enjoy each moment for just what it is.'

'I shall always remain a student of life. Great artists have left a thumbprint on my style, but my biggest lesson is yet to come: "Now you see as in a glass darkly, but later you will see face to face."'

"The glory of the Divine Master is too dazzling for mortals to see fully on earth, but some of this glory is risen in us - when we try to reflect that light in our life." -- Anonymous.
'So, what I share with you now, is only a glimpse, a reflection of the Divine Light, as I perceive it.'

Price Range

US$ 94-4,945



Several solo's and groups.


Graphic&Fine Art-Cape Tech, Ruth Prowse School of Art, INTEC

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