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Kelvin Bester - Beautifull Women in Wedding dress | Contemporary Art
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Kelvin Bester - "Beautifull Women in Wedding dress"

"Beautifull Women in Wedding dress"

Beautifull Women in Wedding dress
Acrylic on Canvas, US$ 180

Beautifull Women in Wedding dress

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Acrylic on Canvas
Acrylic with glaze and pearl white added

W: 650mm x H: 850mm x D: 15mm
W: 26" x H: 33" x D: 1"

Approx. Weight: 1kg

This work is unframed


US$ 180


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About "Beautifull Women in Wedding dress"

This is an image that I want to have of my wife on her wedding day. This is very beautiful and an image that out of a dream picture. It took me a while to get all the detail in but persisted to create and bring out the detail and perfection to this painting.

Kelvin Bester

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About Kelvin

Kelvin Bester

Bright colours inspire me, as this inspire many people. Every body wants to know whats my favourite colour, well, i don't have one-i have many! I love the combination of colours, how it all flow and comes together to form a beautifull piece of art. Describe a beautifull home, you can't tell me presice, but it's luxurious. Yes you can tell me bits and pieces; and this is the same principle i work by-the little things, like one streak of red and blue combined makes all the difference. I get my inspiration from gaps i can fill, where i see dull,i see a gap to fill it with bright colours and new living. These art pieces are mainly to fill up big rooms and/with white walls. I'm currently studying at the University of Pretoria (Tuks), majoring in BA HMS (Human Movement Sciences). Yes i'm a sports man with many tallents, and being an artist is one of them.

Price Range

US$ 108-1,489



Undergraduate BA HMS

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