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Nick Breedt - Dancing Sorrow | Contemporary Art
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Nick Breedt - "Dancing Sorrow"

"Dancing Sorrow"

Dancing Sorrow
Acrylic on Canvas, US$ 106

Dancing Sorrow

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Acrylic on Canvas

W: 600mm x H: 450mm
W: 24" x H: 18"

Approx. Weight: 0.2kg

This work is unframed


US$ 106


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About "Dancing Sorrow"

Sometimes in life we dance and seem to enjoy the music, we look and appear to be a perfect picture of happiness and selfconfidance, but ..... are we? Maybe it it just a vision we desire the world to experience in order for mankind to appear happy and perfect, indeed it is a mispresentation we stand naked and exposed once we start to realise, irrespective of how devoted we dance, we are still not entirely satisfied with the picture we portray. Look into our eyes and savour the expressions on our faces and soon one will realize the falsness of the seemingly happy dance.

Nick Breedt

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About Nick

I'm a dreaming philosopher with very realistic views and maybe not always all there....but am I an exception?

Price Range

US$ 72-117



B Uir. LLB

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