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Jolene Boshoff - "Don't Look"

"Don't Look"

Don't Look
Oil on Canvas, US$ 319

Don't Look

Sorry but this work has already been sold. may be willing to undertake a commission.

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Oil on Canvas

W: 505mm x H: 505mm x D: 35mm
W: 20" x H: 20" x D: 1"

Approx. Weight: 1.5kg

This work is unframed


US$ 319 SOLD


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About "Don't Look"

The blindfold symbolizes the self-induced isolation we struggle to build and maintain in a Modern Society. By casting a blind eye in an attempt at selfpreservation, we also manage to overlook all the beauty in life, hence the colourful palette. The butterfly becomes a symbol of life and beauty: fragile yet fleeting- Something to be treasured. This work is signed by my alter-ego, Joe Doe, and was part of the 2007 exhibition, Worlds Collide

Jolene Boshoff

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About Jolene

Jolene Boshoff

Although I work in all mediums I have a passion for oils on canvas.
My Wildlife and other works differ greatly from each. Therefore I have chosen the pseudonym “Joe Doe” for the non-wildlife paintings, as I would like the two genres to grow and blossom separately.
In these non wildlife works I focus mostly on female beauty, the concept of beauty as specified by society, and the romantic notion of the “femme fatal”. I incorporate science-fiction, fantasy and mythological elements, trying to show a glimpse of what the future may hold. I refer to these paintings as my “uber girls”
With my wildlife I try to capture the essence and unique personality of every animal. My favorite subjects are wild dogs and leopards, as they already seem painted and animated. I am a great nature lover and hope to support nature conservation through my art. I try to go to game reserves as often as possible to get closer to the animals.

I have donated paintings to raise funds for "Artists for amputees" "The campaign against canned hunting" and "Beauty without cruelty"

Art is not my job. It is my passion and my way of life.

Price Range

US$ 106-745



Work displayed at The Red Hat Gallery, Fine Art and Framing, The Bel Air Gallery, at The Gallery and The Lion Park Shop.
Work exhibited in two mixed-artist exhibitions at The Gallery (2006).
Solo exhibition at at The Gallery (2007).
Work featured on two television interviews for Africa Awakes and Curious Culture (2007).
Commissioned work in private collections:
*2 Paintings for the Garden City Clinic (2004-2005)
*2 Paintings for Leopard's Leap Winefarm (2005)
*2 Paintings for KSS boardroom (2005)
*1 Painting for 8 Ball Fusion poolhall (2006)
*All Drawings for advertising campaign of Waterfall Equestrian Estate (2005).
*All Paintings and Drawings for interior of Waterfall Equestrian Estate Country Lodge (2006)
*Regular Illustrations for Something Wicked Magazine (2007-2009)
*One Painting for Sabi Sand Game Lodge (2008)
*Illustrations for advertising campaign of Waterfall Country Lifestyle Estate (2008)
*Illustrations for advertising campaign of Waterfall Hills Mature Lifestyle Community (2008)
* Illustrations for Iron Fist Inc (2009-present)
* Painting for MNET dream home (2009)
* Work featured in various publications including Interior Design Magazine and Home Paige Magazine
* More than 300 paintings sold to date


BA Fine Art

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