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Gashwin Oelf - Elephant Herd | Naïve Art Art Painting
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Gashwin Oelf - "Elephant Herd"

"Elephant Herd"

Elephant Herd
Charcoal, US$ 83

Elephant Herd

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Charcoal with a splash of watercolor

W: 320mm x H: 230mm
W: 13" x H: 9"

Approx. Weight: 0.444kg

This work is unframed


US$ 83


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About "Elephant Herd"

At times life feels so Abstract, so black and white but it actually only takes a few lines here , a few lines there with a drop of a single color (kind word, good deed) and you can brighten up someone's life.

Gashwin Oelf

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About Gashwin

As a Schoolboy Gashwin never had art as a subject , but he always had the tendency where he couldn't walk passed a painting without staring at it for hours. At Some stage in Gashwin's life he lost 9 family members at once on the same day ( The Oelf family that passed away in the Knysna fire 2018).

Life became so dark for Gashwin and it was then and there Gashwin got himself his 1st set of painting brushes. Gashwin met a well known Artist ( Sheila Cooper-Collins ) who was willing to took Gashwin from scratch hand by hand step by step with art classes.

He's art exploded and improved drastically, right there Gashwin knew that art has always been a part of him. Art helped him overcome a very dark period in his life where he lost the 9 close family members .

Til today Gashwin is still under the wings of Sheila Cooper-Collins where he goes to class each and every week.

He believes each and every brush stoke he makes , is dedicated to his family that he has lost in the Knysna fire.

Price Range

US$ 72-726



Sedgefield wild Oats Market, Exhibitions each year at Sheila Cooper-Collins house in Sedgefield:


Was home schooled by Sheila Cooper-Collins.

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