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Lourens de Beer - "Fiddler"


Print on Canvas, US$ 179


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Print on Canvas

W: 550mm x H: 825mm x D: 1mm
W: 22" x H: 32" x D:

Approx. Weight: 0.5kg

This work is unframed


US$ 179


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About "Fiddler"

A man deep in emotion with his music, against the harsh contract to the overpowering stone building, and as if nobody else exited, spoke very deeply with me. Again bring the realization – it’s not what we have, but what we do with what we have – that makes us what we are.

Lourens de Beer

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About Lourens

Lourens de Beer

Since childhood I was fascinated with using pen/pencil on paper in drawing. Then when I got my hands on my parents little Kodak Instamatic camera I started playing a little in photography. Really started shooting properly in 1976 when I bought my first camera with my first paycheck in 1976 [0x1] a Pentax Spotmatic F SLR (I still have it today and it works). I joined the South African Air force in 1977 where I had the opportunity to study photography and electronics for the next 3.5 years.

And that is what I have been doing since
[0x1] photography mostly pictorial, weddings, portraits
[0x1] electronics in the retailing and installation of high quality audio video equipment.

I love good music with good sound and photography.

Although I have studied the technical aspects of photography, that is only the foundation of the whole image creating process.
To me photography is much more than that, it is a way one see things, capturing that moment that will never be repeated in the exact same way. It is all about creating [0x1] and for me a learning process that will never end.

What I thought I knew [0x1] I now know I can know more
What I see [0x1] is expanded
Life don[0x1]t just pass you by [0x1] you notice every moment
You have to [0x1] or risk seeing nothing

I love to share some moments I had a part in, with you.

Price Range

US$ 179-447



Photography, Electronics, Audio Video

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