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Alexandre Dunduro - Hidden figures | Abstract Art Modern Art
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Alexandre Dunduro - "Hidden figures"

"Hidden figures"

Hidden figures
Acrylic on Canvas, US$ 124

Hidden figures

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Acrylic on Canvas

W: 360mm x H: 550mm
W: 14" x H: 22"

This work is unframed


US$ 124


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Alexandre Dunduro

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About Alexandre

Alexandre Dunduro

Was born on May 1, 1970 in the district of B'zi , Sofala Province (Mozambique)
Did the general education in Germany (Former. GDR), later he did the building in the same Country (1982-1989).
In 1991-1993 was formed in Textile, Garment Making at Danhiko School (Zimbabwe). Where in his free times were devoted more in the painting.
But it was through his brother Silva Armando Dunduro that Alex felled in love with the art since a child.
Since 1994-2003 Alex did his artistic activities in the Beira Culture House
1997 he gave some Printing courses and batik in the Culture House of Nampula ( Mozambique).
2006 he lectures a printing course in Ilha de Mo[0xC3A7]ambique
Actually lives in Macurungo where he has his atelier and does his activities such as:
- Printing
- Graphic works
- Painting
- Textile

Price Range

US$ 119-412




• 1993 -Harare; Zimbabwe Herritage exhibition ( Collective).
• 1998 - Maputo; 1st Individual in the Centre of the Brazilian Studies.
• 1997 -Beira; Collective Exhibition (Fight against AIDS).
• 1997 - Collective exhibition of Textile in Gutemburgo (Sweden).
• 1997 - Collective exhibition in the Portuguese cultural Centre.
• 1998 -Arganil: Collective Exhibition artists of Beira in Portugal. ( as representer of Beira artists).
• 1999 - Beira; Collective Exhibition c in the Catholic University (celebrations of 8 of March)
• 2000 - Beira; Collective Exhibition (celebrations of April 7, Mozambican Woman Day).
• 2000 - Maputo; Collective Exhibition with the Artists of South and centre.
• 2000 - Maputo; Collective Exhibition in the nucleus of Art with Artists of the south and centre.
• 2001 – Collective Exhibition allusive to the 1st Regional Conference in the Assembly of Beira City.
• 2001 - Tete; Collective (Songo Town)
• 2003 - Tete; Collective (Songo Town)
• 2004 - Beira; Collective (International Airport of Beira)
• 2005 - Beira; individual (Gallery of the Institute Camões Portuguese Cultural Centre)
• 2005 - Beira; Collective (Gallery of the Institute Camões - Portuguese Cultural Centre)
• 2005 - Beira; Collective (House of Culruta of the Edge)
• 2006 - Beira; Collective (Gallery of the Institute Camões - Portuguese Cultural Centre)


• 1996 - Workshop: Beira - With participation of Steve Williams (died)
• 1996 - Workshop of Painting in Quelimane
• 1997 - Workshop of Textile in Gutemburgo, Stockholm (Sweden)
• 1998 - Workshop of Painting in the area center (it Edges).
• 2000 - Workshop of Painting with the artists of Maputo and area centre Region of

• 2001 - Workshop of Painting of Artists of Beira (New Millennium
• 2006 – Worshop of Paiting in the (Gallery of the Institute Camões Portuguese Cultural Centre)


- He has a lot of works in Textile and Paintings spread inside and out of the Country.


High School

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