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Dawie Fourie - IL TALAL | Animals & Wildlife Art Modern Art
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Dawie Fourie - "IL TALAL "


Oil on Canvas, US$ 3,727


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Oil on Canvas

W: 900mm x H: 900mm x D: 25mm
W: 35" x H: 35" x D: 1"

Approx. Weight: 1kg

This work is unframed


US$ 3,727


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Tsavo tuskers

About "IL TALAL "

Il Talal was one of the biggest ant best know big tuskers of Tsavo-west in Kenya.
This is my latest painting. Homage to "IL Talal", the magnificent Tsavo tusker that died last week. Talal was one of the best known tuskers from Tsavo and undoubtedly one of the greatest tuskers of our lifetime.

Il Talal died last week.., and this week everything is still going pretty much the same way it did 2 or 3 weeks ago. His passing made no difference... And perhaps, that to me, is the saddest part... If we have a moving eulogy to some famous person who dies and 3 weeks later all but his/her closest family remembers them, and we soon "forget" those who pass on, how much more if it is simply "an animal"?
And I ask myself the question - why care? Why do I care for elephants? Why do I paint? Why elephants? Why Africa?

Most people won't know who he was but on Sunday 18th April 2021, less than a week after Talal, the art world lost one of the greatest impressionists of our times - Richard Schmit. And today something he said about art and artists reverberate in my mind:
"Somewhere within all of us is a wordless center, a part of us that hopes to be immortal in some way, a part that has remained unchanged since we were children, the source of our strength and compassion. This faint confluence of the tangible and the spiritual is where Art comes from. It has no known limits, and once you tap into it you will realize what truly rich choices you have. May each painting you do from that sacred place include an expression of gratitude for the extraordinary privilege of being an artist."
Richard Schmid 1934-2021

Maybe that's why I paint... Maybe that's the privilege of being almost a "journalist" for the Great Creator... Telling of Him and His work! "Writing" in paint and color about the glorious thing he made... Singing through my paintings about Africa and elephants and crying about a world that is slowly falling apart before our very own eyes...

Dawie Fourie

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About Dawie

Dawie Fourie

I've loved the veld and wildlife for as long as I can remember. After school and military service I worked in Air Traffic Control for two years before studying Nature Conservation. I worked in Nature conservation and veterinary research before starting a full-time career in art 28 years ago.I have maintained my involvement with conservation over the last 26 years. I have conservation projects registered at Mpumalanga Parks Board and National Parks Board.

Price Range

US$ 319-67,091



6 Solo exhibition, 30 group exhibitions and 6 private exhibitions including exhibitions in the USA, France, Dubai, Spain and Norway


Diploma in Nature conservation and management

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