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Linky De Bruyn - Mountain Light | Spiritual Art Fine Art
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Linky De Bruyn - "Mountain Light"

"Mountain Light"

Mountain Light
Oil, US$ 456

Mountain Light

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W: 1200mm x H: 600mm
W: 47" x H: 24"

Approx. Weight: 11kg

This work is framed (but can be supplied either framed or unframed)


US$ 456


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About "Mountain Light"

I am at home in the vast, evocative landscapes that I create and search for the essence and beauty that lurk in nature. My subject matter, technique and compositions are direct and uncomplicated. The sensitive play of form, subtle colour, light and shadow effects are peacefully in harmony with the overall theme of solitude, light and stillness.

Linky De Bruyn

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About Linky

Linky De Bruyn

For more than 40 years I was a devoted graphic designer offering service to my clients. I received my assignments from the exterior world. I had to face a fascinating variety of commissions and challenges I lived through stimulating exciting informative and stressful times. I had interesting, friendly, difficult and lovable people as valued clients. I also furthered my studies at Unisa majoring in Philosophy and Logic but also throwing in Science of Communication and Science of Religion. Like a trapeze artist I balanced on the tightrope of time dividing my energies between my graphic design studio, my family obligations and my studies. It was stressful but gave meaning to my life. The commercial world began to loose its glitter when I reached the age of 60. A mind shift was imminent and unavoidable. After many years I had to face a white canvas and clean sheet of paper again. The old panic tried to rear its head again but I also knew that I was filled and nourished by the wonder of conscious perception and living a focused life. Cautiously I departed on a pilgrimage within. I became my own employer; set my own commissions I had to find my true and unique inner essence. Philosophy did not bring answers but taught met the art of query. Logic came in handy when I had to determine the essence of my clients needs and problems. My designs were backed by my knowledge in communication skills. But a journey within is a lonely road. Doubt and query had to be faced alone No qualification, recipe, text book dogma, or fellow human being can do it for me. It remains a solitary road where I continuously have to break through doubt, fear desperation to be able to say in honesty : This is who I am. This is what I believe now. I took up painting again. For three years my painting was a pilgrimage into Solitude, Light and Stillness. The quiet and evocative land and seascapes transformed my white canvases into a haven where I felt at home, at peace and provided for. Cherished in stillness I discovered another dimension where less is more and nothingness becomes everything. Moved and focused I walked deeper and deeper into the wonder of white and white light. I was encircled by the great, unfathomable and invisible mystery of light. Everything became lighter and lighter. I could fly in the white and fearlessly experienced the great unknown. Stark contrasts have no place in these works. Soft and subtle nuances matter far more: the merest hint of colour becomes bold and powerful when placed alongside pure white. I sometimes use the most opaque of whites in order to reflect light so powerfully that the viewer is drawn deeper and deeper into nothingness, and sometimes I use a softer white to highlight the sensitive colour nuances in a subtler way. ]When stronger colours and bolder contrasts are used, they are accompanied by large open white planes upon which the after-image of the bright colours can play. Pale pink, blue, orange, yellow, purple and turquoise mixed into soft greys add depth and atmosphere to the work. Any effort to photograph or reproduce my paintings greatly reduces the subtle effects of the pastel colour and reflected light. My paintings have to be experienced direct. My fear of large open white planes turned into respect and awe. Listening became more important than speaking, and not knowing greater than knowing. Transcending fear, query, truth and certainty enables me to glide in light and softly heave in the Ocean of eternity. The overall theme of my work is that of Stillness. A spiritual quality of light is portrayed in vast and evocative landscapes and seascapes. My technique is that of extreme subtlety in colour grading and colour fusion thus creating serene and contemplative quietness. Of late I have devoted most of my time to the creation of multi-media productions - which is the culmination of several of my passions: photography as in capturing beauty, writing as in script writing, music as in composing a sound track, design as in editing. A Tribute to Bombyx mori being the silkworm and Seasons & Cycles - inspired by Bombyx mori, are two example of this exciting avenue of artistic expression. I have used many of my art works in several other evocative productions.

Price Range

US$ 137-547



Numerous solo and group exhibitions in Water Colours, Ceramic Art from 1967 -1988
1994 - Electrography Exhibition-at Schweickerdts Art Gallery
1995-Electrography Exhibition Pretoria Art Museum - Cafe Palette
2000 - Electrography Exhibition -Tina Skukan Art Gallery Pretoria
2002 - Group Exhibition -Tina Skukan Gallery - Silk-icons, Electrographs and Laser cuts.
2004 - Oil Painting Exhibition: A Pilgrimage into Solitude, Light and Stillness - Arts Association Pretoria
2005 - Successful solo exhibition - Another Dimension - where less is more and nothingness becomes everything.
2011 A successful solo exhibition at Pretoria Art Association
2016 In Dialogue - a successful mixed media exhibition in collaboration with Tertia Knaap

Multi-media productions - In 2006 A Tribute to Bombyx mori - being the silkworm, and the Afrikaans version - Hulde aan Bombyx mori - synde die sywurm, was released. A revised version of the English version as well as Seasons and Cycles inspired by Bombyx mori, was also released in April 2008.

Numerous shorter multi-media productions were also created over a period of 7 years.



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