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Zoe Morag Pentelbury

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"Woman with flowers"
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Woman with flowers
US$ 186

"Cheetah Portrait"
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Cheetah Portrait
US$ 130

"Elephant in the Bush"
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Elephant in the Bush
US$ 278

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US$ 121

"Italian Lady"
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Italian Lady
US$ 278

"Lion Portrait"
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Lion Portrait
US$ 186

"Woman on Stairs"
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Woman on Stairs
US$ 167

"Masked Ball"
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Masked Ball
US$ 371

"Blond Lady"
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Blond Lady
US$ 148

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Zoe Morag Pentelbury

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About Zoe Morag

Zoe Morag Pentelbury

Hello, my name is Zoe Morag Bosman, but I have signed my work under my maiden name Pentelbury.
I am 27 years old and am married to a wonderful man named Deon and we have the cutest bundle of joy named Aiden.
I have been drawing since I was about six years old.
I started drawing cartoon characters at first.
I would watch disney movies and then draw those characters from memory.
When I was at school, other children always asked me to draw pictures for them, so I did and it was always a hobby, as a place to escape to with my imagination.
In 2006 I decided that I would teach myself to paint with oils and it grew into a real passion.
I find myself eager to get back to a project and finish it and if I can paint for the rest of my life and care for my wonderfull family, my life will be complete.
There are many talented artist's on my mother's side and my father's side of my family, so I hope to make them proud.

Price Range

US$ 121-371





Study Drama, Waterfront theatre school

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