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Cá Momberg

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"Abstract Lavender"
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Abstract Lavender
US$ 94

"Stripes Sunflower"
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Stripes Sunflower
US$ 94

"The Red Couch"
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The Red Couch
US$ 88

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US$ 83

"Stained Glass Duck"
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Stained Glass Duck
US$ 45

"Mosaic Dish"
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Mosaic Dish
US$ 60

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US$ 52

"The Yellow Chair"
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The Yellow Chair
US$ 54

"Cup a Coffee"
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Cup a Coffee
US$ 50

"Trio Cherries"
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Trio Cherries
US$ 58

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US$ 89

"Blue Sandstorm"
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Blue Sandstorm
US$ 82

"Sunset in Africa"
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Sunset in Africa
US$ 94

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Cá Momberg

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About Cá

Cá Momberg

(Kayja-Africa) was born and raised on a farm in Piet Plessis - Northern Cape, South Africa. I was born a creative soul. Since childhood I would pick up odds and ends and make a master piece. Art is what I love doing. Although I have no formal education in art, art become my passion. At the moment I am working full time in the corporate world ("forced")and doing my art part time. My husband Hein, two beautiful sons Jacques and Heinrich, my mother Kate Reinecke and all my family has been the inspiration in my life to keep me creative.
I paint, do mosaic, beading, make clothes, stained glass and all sorts of art. My new challenge is to learn pottery and open my own pottery studio where I can teach children the healing effects of art. I hope my abstract, bright and different appeal to life either on canvas, board, or through mosaic will encourage the viewer and make them a Kayja-Africa art fan.
I am so blessed to have such a talent and the Lord told me to better use this talent otherwise it will be taken away.
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Price Range

US$ 45-133



Centurion Gallery 2008

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