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Irma Stern

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US$ 55,933

"Xhosa Woman Smoking a pipe"
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Xhosa Woman Smoking a pipe
US$ 16,324

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Irma Stern

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About Irma

Irma Stern

Irma Stern is regarded as one of South Africa's major artists and her contribution to South African Art is undisputed.

She was born in 1894 in the Transvaal but her formative years were shaped in Germany. Settling in Cape Town in 1920, her work captures the white South African predicament of merging a Euro centric background with the African milieu where she portrayed her experience during her extensive travels through Africa and Europe in a romantic, expressive way. Numerous expeditions to the Congo and Zanzibar left a lasting influence on her work.

The vibrancy of this experience is captured in her work through energetic brushwork and vivid use of colour in the numerous portraits, still life paintings and landscapes that she completed. Irma Stern's work is passionate, visually stimulating, rich in texture and the content reflects on her inner struggle to find a connection between her idealised world and reality.

Her work is represented in al the major collections and museums and her residence in Cape Town is now a museum housing a large collection of her work and her extensive collection of African artefacts.

Price Range

US$ 16,109-55,933



1894 Born at Schweizer-Reneke, Tvl. South Africa
1901 Settles in Germany
1904 Visits Zanzibar; settles in Berlin
1909 Returns to Wolmaransstad S. A.
1912 Commences formal art studies in Berlin
1913 Studies - Weimar Academy under Carl Fritjof Smith; visits S. A.
1914 Studies under Prof. Gari Melchers, Martin Brandenburg.
1918 Founder member of 'Novembergruppe', works accepted by 'Freie Sezession', Berlin
1919 Exhibits at Fritz Gurlitt Gallery, Berlin


1920 Exhibits with 'Freie Sezession', publishes two portfolios; returns to Cape Town
1922 First S. A. exhibition at Ashbey's Gallery, Cape Town; visit to Umgababa
1923 Writes 'Umgababa Buch' ; Travels to Europe, exhibits Berlin
1924 Exhibits Frankfurt, Leipzig, Chemnitz, Vienna, Berlin; visits Northern Transvaal, Zululand
1925 Ashbey's Gallery, Cape Town
1926 Marries Johannes Prinz; exhibitions Johannesburg, Cape Town, Bloemfontein; visits Europe
1927 Exhibits Berlin, Breslau, Paris, Prix d'Honour at Bordeax International Exhibition; publication Osborn's monograph; buys 'The Firs' residence , Rosebank, Cape Town; visits Swaziland
1928 Exhibits Brussels
1929 Visits Pondoland; exhibits Cape Town; selected to represent S. A. on 'Empire Art Exhibition', London; visits, exhibits Frankfurt, Hanover, Vienna, Paris


1930 Exhibitions Amsterdam, The Hague, Paris
1931 Visits Madeira, Europe
1932 Exhibitions Berlin, Paris, The Hague, London
1933 Exhibitions Johannesburg, Pretoria
1934 Divorce
1935 Exhibitions Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town; her father dies
1936 Exhibitions Cape Town, Johannesburg
1937 Exhibitions Cape Town, London, The Hague; visits Italy
1938 Exhibition Cape Town; visits Dakar, Europe
1939 Zanzibar


1940 Exhibitions Cape Town, Johannesburg
1941 Exhibition Johannesburg
1942 Congo; exhibits Johannesburg, Elizabethville, Cape Town
1943 Exhibitions Cape Town, Johannesburg; 'Congo' published
1944 Exhibits Cape Town, Johannesburg; mother dies
1945 Zanzibar
1946 Exhibits Cape Town, Johannesburg; visits Congo
1947 Exhibits Cape Town, Johannesburg; visits Europe, exhibitions Paris, Rotterdam, London, Brussels
1948 Exhibits Cape Town, Johannesburg, Pretoria, Paris; visits Europe, North Africa;
1949 Exhibits Cape Town


1950 Exhibits Venice Biennale, Cape Town; visits Madeira, Madrid, south of France
1951 Exhibits Cape Town, Johannesburg, visits Natal
1952 Exhibits Cape Town
1953 Exhibits Cape Town; Paris visits Rome - Picasso retrospective
1954 Exhibits Cape Town, Johannesburg, Pretoria
1955 Exhibits Cape Town, Germany; visits Europe, Congo, Turkey
1956 Exhibits Cape Town, Johannesburg, Berlin; visits Europe; brother dies
1957 Retrospective Cape Town, Sao Paulo Biennale
1958 Exhibitions Cape Town, Venice Biennale
1959 Exhibition Cape Town, Molteno Prize; visits Europe


1960 Regional Award Peggy Guggenheim International Art prize
1961 Exhibits Cape Town, visits Spain
1962 Exhibits Cape Town, Johannesburg visits Madeira, North Africa
1963 Exhibits Cape Town, visits Madeira; Oppenheimer Trust Award
1964 Exhibits Cape Town, 'My Three Madeiras'; retrospective graphics
1965 Exhibits Cape Town, Paris; visits Riviera; Medal of Honour 'SA Akademie vir Wetenskap en Kuns'
1966 Retrospective Cape Town, dies Cape Town

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