The Crested Barbet (woodpecker) The Crested Barbet (woodpecker) Affordable Art 32135
Ewa Mogilnicka - The Crested Barbet (woodpecker) | Animals & Wildlife Art Fine Art
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Ewa Mogilnicka - "The Crested Barbet (woodpecker)"

"The Crested Barbet (woodpecker)"

The Crested Barbet (woodpecker)
Other, US$ 467

The Crested Barbet (woodpecker)

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W: 230mm x H: 155mm
W: 9" x H: 6"

Approx. Weight: 1.5kg

This work is framed (but can be supplied either framed or unframed)


US$ 467


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About "The Crested Barbet (woodpecker)"

Another of my favourite paintings is the Crested Barbet (woodpecker). These beautiful, colourful birds visit our garden frequently to feed on bananas. We feed our garden birds with this fruit that seems to be preferred in particular in the breading season. Most of our flying friends have been brought up on bananas. The crested barbet on the original painting is about 20 % smaller than the size of the bird in the wild. I used much sodalite, yellow and red jaspers for this painting. Approximately 4000 gemstones.

Ewa Mogilnicka

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About Ewa

Ewa Mogilnicka

I am inspired by beauty, in particular the beauty of surrounding nature. The versitality and prettiness of the gemstones inspires me as well. My art adventure started with the gemstones almost 2 decades ago and gemstones became part of my life. The gemstones, as a creation of nature, are wonderful, atractive and emanate an atmosphere of happiness and peace. I like impressionistic, realistic and expressionistic art. I enjoy wonderful views and landscapes.
Frequently I am inspired by something that I see, but it may take a few years before I would approach the subject and create a painting. I hope that you as a viewer of my paintings will also experience the harmony that is expressed by my use of miniature gemstones.

Price Range

US$ 312-3,635



September 2005 - February 2006 Rock Shop, Clarence, Free State
Since 2006 - Bovidian Art Galery, Bloemfontein, Free State
July 2006 - National Art Festival, Grahamstown, Eastern Cape
Since 2008 - The Edge, Hogsback, Eastern Cape


University Degrees in Pharmaceutical Sciences (Masters, PhD

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