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Karl Schoemaker - The Golden Church | Landscape Art Fine Art
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Karl Schoemaker - "The Golden Church"

"The Golden Church"

The Golden Church
Photograph, US$ 668

The Golden Church

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W: 760mm x H: 500mm
W: 30" x H: 20"

Approx. Weight: 0.2kg

This work is unframed


US$ 668


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About "The Golden Church"

I shot this image in the frontier town of Sidbury.
I was walking through one of the graveyards studying the dates on the gravestones – the oldest I found was from 1848 (the first settlers arrived in 1820)! When I turned around to leave, I was caught by the glare of the late afternoon sun in my eyes. Once I could see again, I was struck by how the grass seemed to be on fire, intersected by cool shadows, like arms reaching out to hold me.
I just had to capture it, and share it.

Karl Schoemaker

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About Karl

Karl Schoemaker

People often ask me why I took a particular photograph, or what I was thinking at the time, and even what the picture means to me. My answer to this: I am not gonna throw some esoteric **** at you, or go into some pseudo 'acid induced' diatribe of what I was feeling at the time.
I am just a normal guy, married with two kids, who loves what he sees around him. I want to share the beauty of our planet, and how I see it, with you.

What do my pictures mean to me? Like any art out there, I believe that it is more important what the picture means to YOU! What do YOU get out of it, how does it make YOU feel when YOU look at it.
It is not about me.

Price Range

US$ 668-1,396



Bachelor of Fine Arts, Rhodes University

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