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Danie Jacobs - Trance Dance | Contemporary Art
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Danie Jacobs - "Trance Dance "

"Trance Dance "

Trance Dance
Other, US$ 716

Trance Dance

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red ochre, yellow ochre, charcoal, calcolite on sandstone panel

W: 1200mm x H: 1200mm
W: 47" x H: 47"

Approx. Weight: 55kg

This work is framed (but can be supplied either framed or unframed)


US$ 716


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Sand Stone

Danie Jacobs

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About Danie

Danie Jacobs

Danie Jacobs was born in Rustenburg in the North Western Province on the 16th of January 1975. He went to school in the North West and matriculated in Fochville in 1993 after which he joined the SANDF. He later specialized in Anthropology in the field of Human Science & Human Psychology for Media & Cultural Studies. He worked on Kagga Kamma Game Reserve where there were a family of Bushmen that were relocated as part of an eco project specifically to fight for the land in the Kalahari which they have received in 1996.
Danie later got involved with relocation projects over parts of South Africa and from there his love for this people. The most of his inspiration came from the Bushmen styles and techniques. One of his last projects were close to Hartbeespoortdam near Brits where he had an exhibition of the SANDSTONE PANELS with REPLICAS of the DRAKENSBERG ROCKART IN KWAZULU NATAL. It was never meant to be for selling but the interest were so great that he later started with ROCK ART SANDSTONE PANELS FOR SALE which were a great success.
Danie[0x1]s love for the Bushmen their art and their culture has taken him to the ultimate in experiencing this special people known as the Bushmen.
His love for them have developed in such a way that can be seen in his art work. The beauty of nature are captured and frozen in time for literally thousand of years. He have a great understanding in the religion and philosophy and thought of the Bushmen and use that as a basis in bringing the art to life on the SANDSTONE. Some of his works resembles Religious Symbolism and some just the beauty of nature.
He is also very familiar with STUDIES OF THE NATIVE AMERICAN[0x1]S and are particularly specializing in the philosophy and thought of the CHEYENNE AND SIOUX TRIBES of North America. This also had a great influence in his art.
Danie is truly a person that understands this ancient form of art and can be seen trough his art works. He is a very versatile artist and work in mediums such as oil, acrylics, water colors, pastels and pencil. He is also involved in the tourism industry and are a hotel manager in Kimberley.

Price Range

US$ 78-716



Hartbeespoort Dam - Ostri San: Sand Stone Rock Art Panels
Africota Art Gallery - Kiberley currently


Art grade 12 and further self trained

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