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Gill Smith

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"Study of a flower"
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Study of a flower
US$ 65

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US$ 106

"Elliot - Eastern Cape"
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Elliot - Eastern Cape
US$ 89

"Flower Landscape"
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Flower Landscape
US$ 115

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US$ 135

"The Big Tree-Karoo"
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The Big Tree-Karoo
US$ 88

"Cosmos Landscape"
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Cosmos Landscape
US$ 80

"France-Painting Knife"
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France-Painting Knife
US$ 83

"Lion - The King"
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Lion - The King
US$ 135

"Mountains and Aloes"
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Mountains and Aloes
US$ 125

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US$ 78

"Across the Harbour, EL, SA"
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Across the Harbour, EL, SA
US$ 85

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US$ 154

"Across the Bay"
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Across the Bay
US$ 87

"Lotus Flower"
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Lotus Flower
US$ 519

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US$ 260

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Gill Smith

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About Gill

Gill Smith

Gill Smith was born and raised in East London in the Eastern Cape. She expressed an interest in art from an early age. She took art as a subject in high school. She stopped painting for many years and has only been painting for one and a half years under the instruction of a local artist.

Gill is inspired by nature and loves photography and hiking. By hiking in various areas she is able to see nature first hand and do her photography as well as just drinking in the absolute beauty of our world. She also likes fishing so spends a lot of time at the ocean, observing and taking pictures. She loves everything that has been created and marvels at the perfection of each thing created; the sunrise, the night sky, how trees grow and their shape and animals. She is also a keen and avid gardener and can incorporate nature and art.

She is also fascinated with man-made structures like buildings and boats. She loves movement and sound and tries to remember these feelings and thoughts and uses them when painting. People fascinate her too. She loves painting faces with character, interesting faces. She tries to paint all subjects to ensure that each one is constantly practiced. Gill is constantly learning new things and doubts whether she will ever be able to stop getting better and learning more about each subject she tackles.

As mother and Border powerlifter, the three D[0x1]s [0x1] dedication, discipline and diet [0x1] are extremely important facets of her busy life.

After some good performances at the 2008 SA Powerlifting Championships in Durban in June 08 where she won a bronze medal, Smith, 40, was selected to represent South Africa at the World Masters Championships in Palm Springs, California, USA in September 08. These days Smith can manage a squat of 100kg, while her best bench weight lifted is 62.5kg. In dead lift she has attained 107.5kg.

Gill is enthusiastic about her art and loves painting.

[0x1]But I don[0x1]t want to be known as an artist who only does landscapes, seascapes or portraits [0x1] I would like to be known as an artist who does it all.[0x1]

Price Range

US$ 62-606



Exhibitions in 2003,2004, 2005, 2006 AND 2007 at a local artists studio

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