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Agna Smirnoff-Krige

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"Beach Near Garden Route"
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Beach Near Garden Route
US$ 1,041

"Lilies and African Vase"
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Lilies and African Vase
US$ 347

"Nude with Red Coat"
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Nude with Red Coat
US$ 636

"Sunflowers and Cats-Tail"
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Sunflowers and Cats-Tail
US$ 463

"Mixed Flowers on Blue"
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Mixed Flowers on Blue
US$ 636

"Young Woman With Blue Bird"
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Young Woman With Blue Bird
US$ 809

"Flowering Trees"
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Flowering Trees
US$ 1,214

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US$ 474

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US$ 636

"Lake View"
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Lake View
US$ 532

"I Love You"
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I Love You
US$ 231

"Abstact Landscape Nr 7"
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Abstact Landscape Nr 7
US$ 370

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US$ 116

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US$ 116

"Two Women and a Boat with Flowers"
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Two Women and a Boat with Flowers
US$ 347

"Sunflowers in a Meadow"
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Sunflowers in a Meadow
US$ 1,214

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Agna Smirnoff-Krige

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About Agna

Born in Germany, of Russian parents, Agna's paintings are of Love, Light, and Happiness with the colours of Africa.
The artist celebrates life through a wide range of formats from line drawings to oil paintings.
Agna's work is in the following countries:USA, Germany,
South Africa, Germany, UK, Spain, Canada, USA.

Agna's work has been added to the following collections:

Irmelin and Leonardo DiCaprio,California.
Peter Jennings, ABC News, NYC.
Fortworth Ballet, Dallas, Texas,
IBM, Austin, Texas
Edelman Gallery, NYC,
Fountain Studios, NYC
Classic Galleries, Long Island, USA
Allied Signal Company, New Jersey, USA
Dr. Robert Montoye, Austin, Texas
Prof. Veres, Johannesburg, RSA
And many more . . .

Price Range

US$ 57-1,850



2013 Balzac Studios, Johannesburg, RSA
2011 Cavallino, Hamburg, Germany (all sold)
2009 Wedgewood Gallery, Johannesburg, RSA
2005 Cassirer Fine Arts, Johannesburg, RSA
2003 Brett Kebble Awards Exhibition, Cape Town, RSA
2001 Art Expo, Los Angeles, USA
1999 Classic Galleries, Long Island, USA
1997 Art Expo, Toronto, Canada
1996 Strack van Schyndel Gallery, Johannesburg, RSA
1992 Cassierer Fine Arts, Johannesburg, RSA
1990 Hoffer Gallery, Pretoria, RSA


Scuola dell Belle Arte, Rome

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