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Ken Smith

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"The Male Form"
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The Male Form
US$ 95

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US$ 54

"The Old Woman"
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The Old Woman
US$ 81

"Feek My Pain"
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Feek My Pain
US$ 114

"Stairways to Somewhere"
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Stairways to Somewhere
US$ 61

"African Jacanas and Chick"
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African Jacanas and Chick
US$ 74

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US$ 88

"The Last Supper"
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The Last Supper
US$ 1,145

"Namibian Desert"
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Namibian Desert
US$ 95

"Majestic Kudu"
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Majestic Kudu
US$ 103

"Resting Nguni Cattle"
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Resting Nguni Cattle
US$ 137

"Save the Rhino"
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Save the Rhino
US$ 572

"Grazing Buffalo"
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Grazing Buffalo
US$ 114

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US$ 95

"Resting Zebra"
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Resting Zebra
US$ 801

"Cape Apostles"
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Cape Apostles
US$ 114

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Ken Smith

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About Ken

Ken Smith

South African Artist Ken Bruce Smith resides in Eshowe, KwaZulu Natal.
Seeing the world in an artistic way has been with me throughout my life. For me, painting seems as natural as breathing. My artistic senses go back to my earliest childhood memories. In my adult life, I've come to relish the time I spend alone ... the essential joyous moments where I take time to see, smell and feel ...... using all my senses to take in the world around me. These are the times that make my creative juices flow. Standing in front of a fresh canvas while music enhances my mood, in one of the greatest pleasures that I have.
While it may appear that I am a complete loner, I have worked out a balance between work and fun, while remaining spontaneous and creative.

Price Range

US$ 54-1,717



Group exhibition in Ballito - 1999
Stanger Manor Library - 1999
Group Exhibition, Eshowe, 2009,2010,2011
Exhibition - Empangeni Museum, - 2011
Paintings sold privately to persons in Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Belgium and South Africa


Teacher: Diamond Bozas

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