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Dr. Michael Durst

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"Spirit's Sunset Sail"
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Spirit's Sunset Sail
US$ 163 155

"Four Sails in Cape Town"
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Four Sails in Cape Town
US$ 163 155

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US$ 186 177

"Cape Waterfront"
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Cape Waterfront
US$ 186 177

"Along the African Coast"
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Along the African Coast
US$ 366 330

"God Speaking"
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God Speaking
US$ 389 350

"Sea Point Pavillion"
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Sea Point Pavillion
US$ 163 155

"Sea Point Rocks"
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Sea Point Rocks
US$ 163 155

"Grace at theTable"
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Grace at theTable
US$ 163 155

"Winchester Fountain"
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Winchester Fountain
US$ 389 350

"Top of Table Mountain"
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Top of Table Mountain
US$ 366 348

"Sunset on Granger Bay"
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Sunset on Granger Bay
US$ 163 155

"Window to Heaven"
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Window to Heaven
US$ 163 155

"Wendy, The Flower Vendor"
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Wendy, The Flower Vendor
US$ 163 155

"Cape Minstrels"
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Cape Minstrels
US$ 163 155

"Beach Houses"
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Beach Houses
US$ 163 155

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Dr. Michael Durst

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About Dr. Michael

Dr. Michael Durst


According to the Ico Gallery in New York, "Dr. Michael Durst is one of the most exciting South African artists. As a psychologist, Dr. Durst's paintings create not only beauty for the beholder, but also a state of relaxation and healing. His work combines realism with impressionism, evoking an emotional link to the heart thus the name: Heartscapes.

Dr. Durst loves to paint the beauty of Cape Town--especially the Waterfront, Table Mountain, ocean views, spring flowers, the vineyards and, of course, the people of the Cape. According to Dr. Durst, "I like to re-create a "magical moment" that I have experienced. As I do so, I strive to achieve a delicate balance between the realism of the scene and the even greater intensity created by light, texture and colour. At a certain juncture, an integration occurs. The captured moment in time is taken in without judgment by the brain, allowing the vibrational intensity to adjust the frequency of the hearts rhythms. As the integrated process continues, the viewer becomes awash with positive emotions, a sense of peace, and greater coherence[0x1]all of which contribute to physical, mental and spiritual healing."

Price Range

US$ 163-981




ART FOR THE HEART by Hilary Benjamin, The Atlantic Sun, September, 2007
WHEN ART AND MATHS ADD UP by Wendyl Martin, The Argus, November 2011

2004-2006 Sun International Gallery, Cape Town
2008- The Blue Dolphin Gallery in the Netherlands
2009-Perspectives of Reality- Ico Gallery, New York
2010- "The Rhythmic Figure" Ico Gallery, New York
2011-Seven Wonders of the World" Machu Picchu Gallery, India
2011-Classic Art Gallery, Waterfront Cape Town
2012-Cape Professional Artists-Kirstenbosch Garden, Cape Town
2012-Picturesque Gallery-Cape Town
2012-Gallery Africa-Waterfront- Cape Town
2012-The Bay Gallery at the Bay Hotel in Camps Bay, Cape Town
2012-Le Franschhoek Gallery, Franschhoek, near Cape Town
2013-Gallery Africa, Cape Town
2014-Gallery Africa, Cape Town
2014-Picturesque Gallery, Cape Town
2015-Chicago Artists Month-Greenleaf Art Center, Chicago

Solo Exhibitions:
2007-Heartscapes of the Cape- Eclectic Gallery, Cape Town
2008-Postcards from the Heart of Cape Town-Table Bay Hotel, Cape Town
2009-Magical Moments in Sea Point-Eclectic Gallery, Cape Town
2011-The Wonders of Fractal Art-Eclectic Gallery, Cape Town
2012-Best of Show-Winchester Mansions, Cape Town
2015-Euphoric Visions- Winchester Mansions, Cape Town
2015-Euphoric Visions- Winchester Mansions, Cape Town
2016-Art for the Heart- Winchester Mansions, Cape Town
2017-Sacred Geometric Visions-Winchester Mansions, Cape Town
2010-Cape Town Heartscapes- The Works of Dr. Michael Durst
2011-The Wonders of Fractal Art

Private Collections:
In South Africa, England, Scotland, France, Germany, Canada, Australia, Chile, Turkey and the United States.


Oakland University BA, Michigan State MA, Loyola University PhD

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