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Barry Odendaal

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"Spitzkoppe Namibia"
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Spitzkoppe Namibia
US$ 244 195

"Lonely Zebra"
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Lonely Zebra
US$ 81

"Self Portrait ..."
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Self Portrait ...
US$ 87

"Sunset Silhouette"
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Sunset Silhouette
US$ 74

"My Anchor Holds ..."
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My Anchor Holds ...
US$ 510 459

"Solitary Duck"
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Solitary Duck
US$ 192 173

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US$ 88

"Juvenile Monkey (Out of Africa)"
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Juvenile Monkey (Out of Africa)
US$ 215 193

"The Finger of God (Namibia)"
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The Finger of God (Namibia)
US$ 680 578

"Table Mountain (Wonder of the World)"
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Table Mountain (Wonder of the World)
US$ 453 408

"Robert Moffat's Church (Kuruman,RSA)"
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Robert Moffat's Church (Kuruman,RSA)
US$ 215 193

"Struisbaai Fisherman's Cottage"
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Struisbaai Fisherman's Cottage
US$ 81

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Barry Odendaal

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About Barry

Barry Odendaal

Barry was born in Delmas (South Africa) and grew up in Potchefstroom - on the banks of the tranquil Mooi River.

This is also where he first discovered that putting pen (pencil) to paper meant more than merely having to scribble words in an attempt to be understood by whoever the reader may - or may not - be.

He learned that drawing and creating 3 dimensions on a flat surface ... where different created perspectives could literally draw the "reader" into the scene ... was something that really gripped his imagination and kept him busy for hours unending.

Miss Saayman - a Grade 4 teacher (also Art Teacher) at Barry's Primary School - invested time and attention in a young Grade 1 chap's life and developed the love for drawing even further. What a lady - and even though she's long since passed on - Barry would honor her memory and her tenacity & tireless encouragement of a young lad in the years between 1967 & 1973.

Throughout the years following matriculation (1978) Barry has completed a large number of Paintings - using only Oil as medium - on commission from a variety of people & companies who came to know his art.
Barry has also repaired & restored a number of works - on request from art lovers in South Africa.
Active painting pretty much came to a halt in about 1993 due to ministry related time constraints.

A little more background & info about the artist...

Barry & Petro (his wife) are both freelance Photographers. Barry has been involved with freelance & semi-professional photography since 1980 to the present. Barry did a lot of Black & White (monochrome) work in the 1980's (in his own darkroom) and used Ansel Adams' Zone System to great effect and success. Film - during the 35mm days -were bought in 100ft rolls and the Chemicals needed for the Zone System's 2 bath film developing process were mixed in-house.

Then came the digital era ... and Photoshop.

Barry & Petro now lives in a quaint little town nestled between the Mountain Ranges of the Klein Karoo and the sea - in the Southern Coastal Region of the Western Cape Province of South Africa - and the stifled desire to put brush to canvas has recently been allowed to ... Air the studio / the brushes & pallet knifes / and the well used & weathered easel.

New works from Barry's Studio will be forthcoming...

Price Range

US$ 74-680



Diploma in Photography, Diploma, BTh Degree

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