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Christina Walters

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"Who Wonders"
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Who Wonders
US$ 76

"With Trust"
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With Trust
US$ 83

"Blood Lily"
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Blood Lily
US$ 72 69

"Her Brown Shoes"
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Her Brown Shoes
US$ 79 75

"Embroidered II"
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Embroidered II
US$ 79 75

"Still Life with Strawberry"
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Still Life with Strawberry
US$ 83 79

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US$ 87

"Still Life With Fruit"
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Still Life With Fruit
US$ 83 79

"Still life with bootles"
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Still life with bootles
US$ 94 88

"I Saw Heaven Opened"
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I Saw Heaven Opened
US$ 113 102

"Still Life with Books"
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Still Life with Books
US$ 94 88

"Her Green Shoes"
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Her Green Shoes
US$ 94 88

"Berg Gans"
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Berg Gans
US$ 101 95

"Who Loves"
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Who Loves
US$ 90

"My Dove"
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My Dove
US$ 87

"Rose of Sharon"
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Rose of Sharon
US$ 87

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Christina Walters

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About Christina

Christina Walters

Christina Walters
I was born and raised on a farm in the Swartland area near Riebeek West

With my art I attempt to express what truth is - something that cannot be measured on the laboratory bench. According to Soren Kierkegaard the truth is what ennobles.

'This is a true story which may well appear stranger than fiction, since the truth unhappily, from the point of view of those who try to serve it, is always more than literal or statistical fact. . . .
' Van der Post , L. 1975. A Mantis Carol. Cox & Wyman Ltd G B

'the morning wind forever blows, the poem of creation is uninterrupted; but few are the ears that hear it'
Bode, C., 1975. The Portable Thoreau. Penguin Books

At present I enjoy working on paper with mixed media.

I now live in Strand.
I had art training with Catharina de Bliquy, Marie Stander, Marriana Booyens, Vicky Thomas , Andries Gouws, Sarah Simblest and Monique-Day-Wilde.

Price Range

US$ 72-382



2002-2007 Marie Stander, School of Art, Stellenbosch
2002-2007 Marie Stander, Muratie auction, Stellenbosch
2008 Rialto, STRAND
2008 & 2009 Stellenbosch Art Association
2009 Studio Gallery
2010 King's Highway Art Exhibition, Somerset West
2010 Rialto Gallery, STRAND
2010 Lanzerac Art Gallery, Stellenbosch
2010 Stellenbosch Art Association, Stellenbosch
2010 Liebrecht Gallery, Somerset West
2011 Stellenbosch Art Association, Stellenbosch
2011 Olive Festival, Riebeek Kasteel
2012 Stellenbosch Art Association, Stellenbosch
2013 Biennale Kirstenbosch, Cape Town
2013 Stellenbosch Art Association, Stellenbosch
2014 Olive Festival, Riebeek kasteel
2014 Imibala WCAS exhibition
2014 Imibala Botanical Art
2014 Kenridge,
2015 Olive Festival, Riebeek Kasteel
2015 Kunshuis, Clanwilliam
2015 Bellville Art b
2017 Harold Porter, Betty's Bay


M.Sc .(Plant physiology)

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