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Dylan Hewit

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"Dance for Us"
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Dance for Us
US$ 1,790

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US$ 134

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US$ 179

"Landmine Victim"
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Landmine Victim
US$ 179

"Confused Pumpkin"
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Confused Pumpkin
US$ 152

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US$ 179

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Dylan Hewit

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About Dylan

Dylan Hewit

I am not restricted to 1 type of style, my works range from abstract to realism and everything in between, I believe that in a perfect world pieces would be worth the amount of effort put in, however that is not the case, a few stripes on a canvas can sell for millions and a super realistic portrait that took hundreds of hours to complete sells for peanuts. This is the world of art and it does seem a bit unfair but it is what it is, I price my pieces according to the effort that was put into them. I am inpired by anything that I believe will look good on a canvas, my favourite style is realism as I believ this is a true skill and not many artists are able to master it, I do however like to have some fun with a bit of abstract every so often, there are no deep and hidden meanings behind my work, my realism portrays exactly what I am painting and I strive to get pieces as real as possible. If someone who can put a few spashes of paint on a canvas is considered an artist, then perhaps I am not an artist, who knows? I just like to paint things that look epic on a canvas.

Price Range

US$ 134-1,790



Diploma's in Digital Publishing and Multimedia & Animation

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