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Glodina van Zyl

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"Above the Cape "
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Above the Cape
US$ 522

"South African Farm Life"
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South African Farm Life
US$ 348

"Floral Duet"
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Floral Duet
US$ 261

"Let the Light Shine on Us"
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Let the Light Shine on Us
US$ 565

"Pink Peony"
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Pink Peony
US$ 157

"Moody Redpoppies in the Dark"
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Moody Redpoppies in the Dark
US$ 191

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US$ 391

"Crowds of Pansies"
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Crowds of Pansies
US$ 365

"Mother and Child"
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Mother and Child
US$ 365

"Picket Fense Roses"
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Picket Fense Roses
US$ 148

"Springtime with Ranunculus"
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Springtime with Ranunculus
US$ 191

"Circle of life"
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Circle of life
US$ 174

"Field of Dreams"
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Field of Dreams
US$ 183

"Table Mountain"
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Table Mountain
US$ 82

"Sword of the Spirit"
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Sword of the Spirit
US$ 92

"White Peony"
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White Peony
US$ 92

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Glodina van Zyl

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About Glodina

Artist Biography - Glodina heralds from Athlone, Cape Town. Her love for art was prevalent as a child She spent hours sketching dresses or copying the framed pictures of horses and a ship anchored in Hout Bay at her grandma's house. However, being somewhat of a nerd she soon found her love for science and maths overshadowed the arts which became a form of escape in high school. However, the prospect of supporting her family on an artist's salary was unthinkable.

She bought her first painting kit whilst on a business trip to Germany. She was hooked not just on the painting process but also on the strategic planning behind it. Art can, like music, alter how people perceive the world and create beauty out of chaos.

Price Range

US$ 82-565


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