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Julie Tugwell

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"Flower Paradise"
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Flower Paradise
US$ 1,026 923

"Summer Longing"
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Summer Longing
US$ 568

"The Golden Girl"
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The Golden Girl
US$ 550

"Green Girl"
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Green Girl
US$ 550

"Portrait of Emotion Two"
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Portrait of Emotion Two
US$ 95

"Portrait of Emotion Six"
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Portrait of Emotion Six
US$ 95

"Portrait of Emotion Four"
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Portrait of Emotion Four
US$ 95

"Portrait of Emotion Five"
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Portrait of Emotion Five
US$ 95

"Portrait of Emotion Seven"
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Portrait of Emotion Seven
US$ 95

"Samba Rhythm "
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Samba Rhythm
US$ 916

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US$ 229

"Lily Pink 9"
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Lily Pink 9
US$ 458

"Lily Pond 12"
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Lily Pond 12
US$ 412

"Lily Pond 13"
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Lily Pond 13
US$ 412

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US$ 275

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US$ 257

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Julie Tugwell

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About Julie

Julie Tugwell

Julie was brought up to appreciate the arts by attending ballet performances, dancing at PACT as a young child and visiting art galleries with her mom from a young age. Taking up the paintbrush only in her late twenties, Julie is now a full time artist. Her spark for art flamed by the late nights working for the grand artists Jill and Jim Mooney.
She is known for breaking the barriers following her deeply personal artistic journey full of exploratory and vast variety of styles. Unlike her father Chris Tugwell whose well known painted landscapes adorn most homes in South Africa, Julie paints for her passion.
Known for her sensitively painted hyper realism flowers , Julie also expressively paints from emotion, known as Emotionism. These large , modern and boldly brave abstracts are striking, statement pieces . Julies work is fun to follow and impressively she harnesses her need for growth through challenging her comforts , adamant to paint beyond the demand of fashion or trend . In her prolific amount of work , there is a style and a piece for everyone.

Price Range

US$ 95-1,237



South Hill Wine Farm
Knysna Fine Art (group exhibitions)
Gallery Of Grande Provence
Art On Queen
Axis Art Gallery
Chris Tugwell Art Gallery
Milkwood Art Plett


self taught

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