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Margrit Prigge

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"Song of Joy"
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Song of Joy
US$ 61

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US$ 139

"Psalm 137"
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Psalm 137
US$ 267

"Jacob wrestling with the Angel"
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Jacob wrestling with the Angel
US$ 89

"I Heard The Cry Of My People"
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I Heard The Cry Of My People
US$ 151

"Separation of Land and Water"
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Separation of Land and Water
US$ 313

"Psalm 63"
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Psalm 63
US$ 348

"Psalm 91"
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Psalm 91
US$ 290

"Psalm 150"
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Psalm 150
US$ 75

"Creation Series, Day One"
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Creation Series, Day One
US$ 57

"Creation Series, Day Two"
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Creation Series, Day Two
US$ 57

"CreationSeries, Day Three"
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CreationSeries, Day Three
US$ 57

"Creation Series, Day Four"
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Creation Series, Day Four
US$ 57

"Creation Series, Day Five"
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Creation Series, Day Five
US$ 57

"Creation Series, Day Six"
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Creation Series, Day Six
US$ 57

"Creation Series, Day Seven"
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Creation Series, Day Seven
US$ 57

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Margrit Prigge

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About Margrit

Margrit Prigge

Magrit's Vision
I hope:
"That my art will move people to meditate on that which is beneath the surface; that they will perceive that divine, life-giving force which is God in whom we have our being."
and that my art may open the eyes of my fellow men to the understanding of a life of fullness and freedom .
"To picture life in colour, composition, soul expression, spirituality [0x1] be it abstract or realistic."
"To send love, light, hope and peace into the darkness of the human heart."

I also do illustration on commision and have recently published a book titled 'The Song of Solomon'.

Published in the Horizons magazine for Presbyterian Women, USA

Price Range

US$ 46-406



Publication: Book Title: 'The Song of Solomon' by Margrit Prigge with 10 colour plates and cover art painted by myself


self taught

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