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Robert Teeling

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"The Heron and the Hippo"
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The Heron and the Hippo
US$ 453

"Mighty Rogue"
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Mighty Rogue
US$ 725 652

"Catwalk - BBC Wildlife Finalist"
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Catwalk - BBC Wildlife Finalist
US$ 1,087

"River View, Levuvhu Drive"
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River View, Levuvhu Drive
US$ 661

"Leopard's Rock"
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Leopard's Rock
US$ 516

"Burchell's Zebra"
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Burchell's Zebra
US$ 444 399

"Lion Brothers"
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Lion Brothers
US$ 408

"Painted Dogs"
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Painted Dogs
US$ 516

"Cheetah Kill"
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Cheetah Kill
US$ 444

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US$ 475

"Brittas Boys"
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Brittas Boys
US$ 589

"Elephant Meander"
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Elephant Meander
US$ 254

"Wild Dog Profile"
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Wild Dog Profile
US$ 516

"Lion Profile"
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Lion Profile
US$ 272

"Buffalo Island"
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Buffalo Island
US$ 408

"Wild Dog Portrait"
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Wild Dog Portrait
US$ 353

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Robert Teeling

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About Robert

Robert Teeling

My name is Robert Teeling, I am a professional wildlife artist, born in Johannesburg, South Africa in 1964.
My passion for art and specifically wildlife art, started at a very young age.
I am extremely passionate about painting wildlife and am constantly looking for new ideas and ways to showcase their beauty and natural grace.

I try to re-create the feeling and thrill of being in the bush - the clouds of dust kicked up by elephant, the deep roar of a lion, the clumsy grace of giraffe and the strength of a buffalo.

Nature and its wildlife are awe-inspiring and never cease to amaze me.
I am a self-taught artist, specializing in wildlife art.

I was delighted to have 2 paintings selected for the finals of the BBC International Wildlife Artist of the Year 2013.

Price Range

US$ 254-1,087



Exhibited at:
Sambach Gallery in Hout Bay
Aeromarine Gallery in Hermanus, Cape Town
Currently exhibits at:
Kennedy Gallery, Cayman Islands
Kilmantin Art Gallery, Wicklow, Ireland
Was a member of the Johannesburg Artists Association.

Robert is currently living in Ireland and has art at Kilmantin Art Gallery in Wicklow and Kilternan in Ireland.
Robert also sends art to the Kennedy Gallery on the Cayman Islands on a regular basis.
Artworks also commissioned and sent to Switzerland, Belgium, and currently to Australia and the USA.


Self - taught artist

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