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Yvette Dance

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"The Reaper 1"
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The Reaper 1
US$ 169

"The Reaper 2"
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The Reaper 2
US$ 124

"Woodland 1"
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Woodland 1
US$ 254

"Mountains 1"
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Mountains 1
US$ 113

"Iris 1"
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Iris 1
US$ 282

"Poppies 1"
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Poppies 1
US$ 94

"Roses 1"
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Roses 1
US$ 94

"Sunflower 1"
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Sunflower 1
US$ 67

"Iris 2"
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Iris 2
US$ 101

"Matisse Fish"
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Matisse Fish
US$ 74

"Namaqualand 1"
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Namaqualand 1
US$ 169

"Namaqualand 2"
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Namaqualand 2
US$ 902

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US$ 1,127

"Manet's Boat"
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Manet's Boat
US$ 81

"Boulders 1"
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Boulders 1
US$ 338

"Magnolias 1"
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Magnolias 1
US$ 74

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Yvette Dance

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About Yvette

Yvette Dance

Ever since I can remember art has been the most important part of my life. My happy place was with my dad in his workshop hammering and gluing little sculptures, while he was creating beautiful furniture. Since I was four I had a dream to become an artist, whether designing fashion or working in my own studio.
I had enormous fun teaching kids for a number of years and they are still my favorite people. Duty called and my husband needed me to take over our business accounting. In between working full time I squeezed in time to do art classes for children and did the odd consignment here and there, from murals to canvassed work. I am also a book illustrator and are ready to submit my first children's book for printing.
From this year I am finally free to focus on my passion and hope that the joy in me will translate into the spaces where my work will be hung.

Price Range

US$ 67-1,127



SPCA La Lucia Mall


BA(ED) Art

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