Guinea Fowls With Feathers And Beads Guinea Fowls With Feathers And Beads Affordable Art 27534
Sonya Owen - Guinea Fowls With Feathers And Beads | Contemporary Art
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Sonya Owen - "Guinea Fowls With Feathers And Beads"

"Guinea Fowls With Feathers And Beads"

Guinea Fowls With Feathers And Beads
Oil on Canvas, US$ 180

Guinea Fowls With Feathers And Beads

Sorry but this work has already been sold. may be willing to undertake a commission.

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Oil on Canvas

W: 913mm x H: 610mm
W: 36" x H: 24"

This work is unframed


US$ 180 SOLD


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About "Guinea Fowls With Feathers And Beads"

When I started this painting I was in deep mourning as I had recently lost a loved one. As you can see by this painting,everything on the left is a mirror-image to everything on the right of the painting. Each panel on the top left side of the painting is a mirror-image of the panel on the bottom right of the painting and so on... As a lot of thought and planning went into this painting, as everthing was meant to be a mirror-image, this helped, in a small way, to deal with the terrible pain I was going through at that time...each little mirror-imaged guinea-fowl was painted exactly the same. I added real guinea-fowl feathers to the centre guinea's. Beads were added to give the painting an ethnic feel. This painting played a small part towards my healing and slowly finding myself again. It's a really special painting to me...

Oil On Stretched Canvas (Mixed Media with beads and feathers)

Sonya Owen

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About Sonya

Sonya Owen

I am drawn and inspired by everything around me, the colours and textures, especially bright and lively colours. I enjoy painting flowers as well as Fisherman Cottages, guinea-fowls and African traditional art. Some of my paintings are design- orientated which I find very rewarding. This can be seen in the painting "Guinea Fowls with Feathers and Beads" which is also beaded and to which I have added guinea-fowl feathers. I also enjoy bead work and therefore occasionally incorporate beads in my paintings (Mixed Media).

I have displayed my paintings in Galleries in Strand, Kleinmond, Betty's Bay and the West Coast. I have sold a number of paintings privately and many Fishermen Cottage paintings have been sold on the West Coast. I have painted and sold many ceramic and canvas paintings of boats, the sea, seagulls, Fisherman Cottages, African traditional art, etc.

Painting is a passion of mine and I feel a sense of relaxation and happiness whilst applying paintbrush to canvas or paper.

I have completed courses in: Fabric Painting, Liquid Embroidery, Pewter, Decoupage, Drawing and Sketching, Bead work, Professional Cake Decorating Icing Courses (advanced) , Ceramic Painting, Flower Arranging, Mosaics, Oil Painting with well-known Somerset West artist, Ann Hamm and watercolour painting with well-known Somerset West artist, Marion Langton.

Being creative is what keeps me going...I hope you enjoy viewing my work.

Price Range

US$ 45-1,511



Winter Life Group Exhibition - Fish Hoek.
The Studio Art Gallery.


Qualified Fabric Painting Artist & Liquid Embroidery Instructor.

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