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Janice Lazzarich

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"Red Tulips"
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Red Tulips
US$ 271

"Chinese Jar and Red Apples"
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Chinese Jar and Red Apples
US$ 196

"Lemons in Turquoise Bowl"
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Lemons in Turquoise Bowl
US$ 160

"Zenobia Cream Satin"
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Zenobia Cream Satin
US$ 190

"Leopard Etusis Namibia"
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Leopard Etusis Namibia
US$ 266

"Highland Cattle"
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Highland Cattle
US$ 321

"Red Fruit Bowl"
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Red Fruit Bowl
US$ 163

"The Singing Bowl"
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The Singing Bowl
US$ 163

"In the Bath"
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In the Bath
US$ 359

"Nude Sketch"
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Nude Sketch
US$ 272

"Zebra Etosha Namibia"
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Zebra Etosha Namibia
US$ 321

"Giraffe Etosha Namibia"
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Giraffe Etosha Namibia
US$ 321

"Zenobia at the Window"
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Zenobia at the Window
US$ 163

"Purple Nude"
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Purple Nude
US$ 163

"Gold Nude"
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Gold Nude
US$ 163

"Blue Nude"
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Blue Nude
US$ 163

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Janice Lazzarich

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About Janice

Janice Lazzarich

I have lived for most of my life in the country of my birth, South Africa.
I spent my teenage years in Zimbabwe, some time in Namibia,
and these last four years in the UK.

I am inspired and love the rich earthy colours of Africa. In my many travels throughout Southern Africa I[0x1]ve been influenced by the great open spaces and big blue skies and have always loved the adventure of holidays that took us to many exciting places and game parks.
Here in the UK I have loved the adventure of discovery of our roots
in this beautiful green Mother land.

My career in art has spanned a few decades and taken a few turns.
Art has always been my first love, and the only thing that captures my imagination.
I started my career in Advertising and have evolved into Illustrating and Impressionistic Art.

I have taken part in many group exhibitions over the years, and exhibited in many Galleries.
I have my work published in the book,
[0x1]The Collector[0x1]s Guide to Art and Artists in South Africa.[0x1]

I have my work displayed in a number of Galleries here in the North of England.

I have sold work through the NEWA National Wildlife Exhibition.
I am currently illustrating a series of 28 Children's books, the first two of which are in print. [0x1]ABC[0x1]s from the Wilds of Africa[0x1] and a [0x1]Colouring Book[0x1] to go with the [0x1]ABC Book.[0x1]

Price Range

US$ 96-489



O'Level 5 years Fine Art evening classes with Ryno Swart RSA

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