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Henriette Marais

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"dance Enchanted"
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dance Enchanted
US$ 557

"Mirror Me"
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Mirror Me
US$ 278

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US$ 73

"African Zulu Work Tools"
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African Zulu Work Tools
US$ 62

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US$ 76

"Liza's Friend"
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Liza's Friend
US$ 139

"Cottage Garden"
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Cottage Garden
US$ 79

"White on White"
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White on White
US$ 90

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US$ 232

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Henriette Marais

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About Henriette

Henriette Marais

I love my paintings, I love the tranquility and peace it stirs within me, I love looking at it and seeing detail and motion in every square inch, the balance and depth. I love the way the paints blends and create the illusion of realness and the space it demans to be an object by itself, to become a world of beauty. My paintings tell me what it wants, what it still needs, where to add depth,colour,shadow. Sometimes it's amazing that what I don't even plan just happens and I love all of this. I always knew I had a talent, but buried it under housework, career, trying to live, until one day I knew I cannot live withou my art. I took sketching classes for 1 year and then moved onto painting. I still take classes with Hildegard van Zyl, she has so much to give and does it with so much finesse and inspiration. I have been painting for 5 years and only at this stage do I feel confident in my work to offer it to someone else who will enjoy it as much as I did creating it.

Price Range

US$ 62-557



Art Society Fish Hoek,

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