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Diana Paterson

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"These Are the Hands That Make the Art"
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These Are the Hands That Make the Art
US$ 292

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US$ 243

"Tribal Patterns #1"
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Tribal Patterns #1
US$ 146

"The Gladioli"
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The Gladioli
US$ 146

"The Frangipani"
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The Frangipani
US$ 146

"Sacred Skull"
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Sacred Skull
US$ 98

"Clockwork Scarab"
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Clockwork Scarab
US$ 98

"Woman with Skull"
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Woman with Skull
US$ 146

"Eros & Psyche, After Bougereau"
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Eros & Psyche, After Bougereau
US$ 487

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Diana Paterson

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About Diana

Diana Paterson

I love the idea of contrast and juxtaposition. Everything I do involves the play of two very different things against each other. This can best be seen in my favourite choice of media. I love the organic and unexpected nature of watercolour, paired with the regular and precise black pen dots and lines. I am a realistic artist by nature, but I thrive in taking the realism but applying it to what may be considered fantasy.
I am inspired by the thought that my work may change someone's mind. I want my work to open up a different avenue of though, be an influence, and allow the viewer to subtly grow. Nothing makes people question their previously held beliefs by finding out that their beautiful animal portrait, or delicate landscape has actually been created by a heavily tattooed animal rescuer with blue hair.

Price Range

US$ 98-487



National Diploma Fine Arts

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