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Emily Duvill-Roniger

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US$ 486

"Vase of Flowers"
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Vase of Flowers
US$ 146

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US$ 973

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Emily Duvill-Roniger

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About Emily

Emily Duvill-Roniger

My love for all things artistic began at a young age. I have always been intrigued by the subtleties in art - the micro expressions and the depth that they carry. My paintings are my response and interpretations of my life. They are the things I see, hear and feel and how I make sense and an understanding of it all. Painting and creativity in general are how I process a lot of things. By painting and creating different art work, I gain clarity and understanding.

I am drawn to all things emotive - colours, styles, tones, expressions - it is this passion that allows me to have such a versatile style and set of techniques with every artwork.

My deep passion for fine art drives me to create and recreate myself within my art.

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US$ 146-973


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