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Neels De Ronde

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"Misty Forest"
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Misty Forest
US$ 286 258

"Indigenous Forest Scene"
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Indigenous Forest Scene
US$ 313

"Shepherd's Home"
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Shepherd's Home
US$ 242 193

"Foothills of the Drakensberg"
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Foothills of the Drakensberg
US$ 618 556

"Eastern Cape Farm in Mountains"
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Eastern Cape Farm in Mountains
US$ 940 846

"Arniston Home"
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Arniston Home
US$ 206 185

"Hex River Valley Panorama"
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Hex River Valley Panorama
US$ 340 272

"Storms River Forestry Office"
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Storms River Forestry Office
US$ 91

"The Road to Storms River"
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The Road to Storms River
US$ 91

"Old Fisherman's Cottage at Salt River Mouth"
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Old Fisherman's Cottage at Salt River Mouth
US$ 91

"Wood Cutters' Homestead"
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Wood Cutters' Homestead
US$ 91

"Seaweed Boat Aveiro Portugal"
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Seaweed Boat Aveiro Portugal
US$ 251

"Cedarberg Rocky Fynbos"
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Cedarberg Rocky Fynbos
US$ 277

"Karoo Road to Somewhere"
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Karoo Road to Somewhere
US$ 206 185

View Large Image

US$ 277 194

"Valley of Desolation"
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Valley of Desolation
US$ 403 322

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Neels De Ronde

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About Neels

Neels De Ronde

REDUCED: All Indian-ink-and-wash paintings of Namibia

I am a specialist in prescribed burning, wildland fire management and other fire-related subjects, and have been researching these fields in natural as well as in man-made ecosystems (such as industrial man-made timber plantations)in Africa and in Europe (Med. countries).I had no formal art training, but painted my whole life since I was 11 years old (58 years to date). Have traveled intensively in most continents, which also inspired my paintings - with particular reference to the beautiful landscapes of South Africa and Namibia, as well as Western Europe. I visited overseas countries on numerous occasions, and also traveled far and wide to every corner of Southern Africa, for work and on holidays, adding to my painting ideas and potential. Other interests: Traveling (wrote one non-fiction book on travel), birding (wrote 2 birding books), model boat building and my research work! When painting, I express myself in my own personal (unique) way, as I see a landscape. In this way I will always attempt to create the natural beauty of our natural world in my way, with all its amazing creations and colors, as seen through my eyes.

Price Range

US$ 64-940



Dip. For, M.Sc. Ecol., Ph.D. For

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