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Norman Christians

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"Circle of Life 1"
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Circle of Life 1
US$ 131

"Circle of Life 2"
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Circle of Life 2
US$ 159

"Three Is a Crowd"
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Three Is a Crowd
US$ 815

"Blade Runner"
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Blade Runner
US$ 554

"The Violinist"
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The Violinist
US$ 644

"Three Sitting Girls"
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Three Sitting Girls
US$ 248

"The Triplets"
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The Triplets
US$ 248

"Mother and Child"
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Mother and Child
US$ 248

"Home Alone"
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Home Alone
US$ 954

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Norman Christians

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About Norman

Norman Christians

Norman teaches Visual Arts at High School level for the past 38 years. His passion for experimenting with art materials and sketching of objects around him started during his younger years.

He appreciates Modern Art with a preference for Cubism, Expressionism and Pop art as 20th centuary Art movements. His work is a testimony of his fine sense for composition and balance.

This ability enables him to manipulate the elements of art (line,form,space and colour) to create a balanced whole.

He creates his artworks on a well prepared surface of canvas
or board. He uses "Gesso" and layers of paint to ensure a secured surface for the execution of his pieces.

He believes that art has been part of man since the beginning of creation and will be with us till the end of time. He wants to be part of those who creates and in so doing be part of art which in itself embraces humanity.

Price Range

US$ 131-954



He took part in several art exhibitions at school called "ART IN THE SPOTLIGHT" which is an annual event on the school calendar.


Teachers' Vis.Arts Dip ; Adv.Teachers' Cert. ; B.ed (Hons.)

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