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Paul Roos

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"Bathing Lady 2016"
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Bathing Lady 2016
US$ 2,010

"Balancing Act"
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Balancing Act
US$ 174

"Maternity "
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US$ 822

"Sky Dancer -2016"
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Sky Dancer -2016
US$ 2,284

"Lady July"
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Lady July
US$ 822

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US$ 1,827

"Kneeling Lady 2016"
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Kneeling Lady 2016
US$ 2,010

"Bull and Bear"
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Bull and Bear
US$ 2,741

"A Fish Eagle Catching a Fish"
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A Fish Eagle Catching a Fish
US$ 5,025

"Gemsbok 2015"
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Gemsbok 2015
US$ 914

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Paul Roos

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About Paul

Paul Roos

Born in Warden, small town in Freestate, South Africa 1970, I loved sculpturing since childhood. I am inspired by life and nature. Life tends to be so busy and complicated, and we forget to remember the blessings and beauty around us. I Strive to communicate hope with my work and draw peoples attention to what is good, pure and serene.

The past 10 year I have done professional photography.

Price Range

US$ 110-5,025



Commissions: Hans Moore for Hans Moore High School
working towards exibition at end of the year, but my works are selling so fast that I battle to gather enough work for an exhibition

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