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Terence James

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"In the Land of Flowers and Shadow"
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In the Land of Flowers and Shadow
US$ 56

"From Birth to Assention"
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From Birth to Assention
US$ 62

"Half Board"
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Half Board
US$ 137

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US$ 273

"Tilted will."
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Tilted will.
US$ 228 182

"Looking for Friends"
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Looking for Friends
US$ 228

"It was then that she knew!"
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It was then that she knew!
US$ 365

"3 Brothers"
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3 Brothers
US$ 273

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Terence James

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About Terence

Terence James

My name is Terence James Leite {{and you have just been looking at my art. Hope you like it. What you see here is the product of 8 years in the far east. They are an expression of an expedition into my artistic self. An exploration of Oil into our strange diverse universe. Most of my work is inspired by the news and current events referencing diverse media. The pictures try to represent the things we see but don’t, every day of our lives. Hate, age, gods, religion, patterns all in living color. }}
But every one calls me Ted.
I have a deep respect for all religions and my work reflects that, no offence was meant by my art, to any race religion or creep. I personally am a confirmed Anglican, part time Buddhist and a minister in the Church of Spiritual Humanism.
Also Id like to say,”I liked the last Pope better and it’s a great lossL!”
Wassily Kandinsky once said:
“ Everyone who immerses himself in the hidden internal treasures of his art is an enviable co worker of the spiritual pyrimad which will reach to heaven”
Please feel free to express your feelings in my comments book
Thank you.

Price Range

US$ 56-365



January 2005 - "Dog Pig Cafe" Taiwan. (1 month)
April 2nd-2005 An open collection - "Overtime gallery" 303 Yucheng Rd. Taiwan.(1 month)
Nov 15, 2006 - "The Space" two artists - Sean Froese and Terence Leite.Taiwan. (Weekend)
May 5th 2007 - Frames- "Dog Pig Cafe" - Kaohsuing Taiwan. (1 Week)


self trained.

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