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Tersia Hoffmann

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T1902 "Figs in a bowl"
US$ 668

"T1907 Ongentandu"
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T1907 Ongentandu
US$ 780

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T1903 "Protea in Bowl
US$ 668

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T1904 "Pomegranate in bowl"
US$ 668

"t1922 Flowers Sideways"
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t1922 Flowers Sideways
US$ 947

"T1924 Cyclemen"
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T1924 Cyclemen
US$ 557

"T1923 Floral d' Light"
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T1923 Floral d' Light
US$ 1,505

"T1929 Arum Lillies Tall"
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T1929 Arum Lillies Tall
US$ 1,672

"T1921 Purle Orchid"
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T1921 Purle Orchid
US$ 947

"King Protea"
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King Protea
US$ 329

"T1915 Pansies"
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T1915 Pansies
US$ 295

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T1914 "Tulips "
US$ 273

" T1919 Lady Reading"
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T1919 Lady Reading
US$ 390

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T1924 "High Tea One"
US$ 184

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T1925 "High Tea Two"
US$ 184

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T1926 "High Tea Three"
US$ 184

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Tersia Hoffmann

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About Tersia

Tersia Hoffmann

Tersia Hoffmann is a South African born artist residing in the picturesque village of Wilderness situated on South Africa's scenic Garden Route. Many of her works have found appreciative homes as part of the collections/galleries of a number of guesthouses, international clients, the Endangered Wildlife Trust of South Africa and most recently, the South African National Association for the Visual Arts (SANAVA).

Having discovered her talent for painting later in life, she now completely immerses herself in her art and is intensely passionate about it. Tersia paints at least four to five hours every day. Her inner creative force often urges her to get out of bed in the dead of night reaching for her paint brushes ,. It's also not unusual for her to rendezvous with her easel at the first shimmering of dawn.

For the past 14 years she regularly attends art classes - up to four times a week - at the Wilderness Art Club under the tutelage of Liz Stumke, an established artist and arts teacher. This unyielding dedication speaks for itself and is testimony of her deeply seated yearning to continue learning and growing as much as she can as an artist.

Born in 1955 in the Free State town of Kroonstad, she grew up in the East Rand where she also matriculated. Her art journey started off in a slightly unorthodox way with her earning a diploma in mechanical drafting and structural design through the company she was working for after finishing her school education. She then worked for several years at an architectural firm drawing up plans for civil engineering projects.

The Muses of the arts were ceaseless in their beckoning calls and Tersia answered by constantly nurturing her creativity with short courses in, amongst others, interior design and pottery. After returning to Kroonstad and marrying her soulmate, Albert, the couple moved to Reitz where they spent the next 25 years of their lives. She worked in her husband's legal practice for a while and decided to study law through UNISA, but it didn't take her long to realise that her identity is undeniably rooted in the arts. Being an extrovert and people-orientated, she opened a guest house and this is also where she first began expressing herself through painting.

In 2000, the Hoffmanns moved to Wilderness pursuing a new dream, again in the hospitality industry. They built up their 5-star guest house from the ground, pouring heart and soul into it. Xanadu Guest Villa is now a multiple award-winning establishment and also the pulsing nerve centre of her prolific art endeavours.

Tersia has travelled extensively and these experiences have helped shaped the way she looked at and create art. She has great admiration for the works of the Russian Makovsky artist siblings and resonates to their portraits and detailed work, being a perfectionist and stickler for details herself. Animals, people and interior d[0xC3A9]cor elements are major themes in her work.

She draws inspiration from people in particular. A child that cries, a laughing women, a lonely figure on the beach; all such displays of humanity stir up emotions that the artist wants to express in her work.

Her paintings are a reflection of her vivacious personality and speak of realism - which is her preferred style of painting - energy and emotions. Vibrant colours and details are characteristic of her artwork and her forte is portraits and still lifes.

Tersia is a member of the South Cape Association of Visual Arts (SCAVA) and has won several awards at the organisation's exhibitions. She was also honoured by being selected by SANAVA to go to Paris, France, in April 2019 to further develop her artistic skills for a month.

This is the chance of a lifetime coveted by many and is granted to artists who have already demonstrated their artistic merit. The opportunity was originally created by the Cit[0xC3A9] Internationale des Arts foundation which was established in 1957 by, amongst others, the French ministries of culture and foreign affairs.

It's an experience that will expose her to new techniques and styles, interaction with international artists and the chance to exhibit her work to a broad international audience.

Price Range

US$ 184-1,672


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