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Cindy Lewis-Williams - Book Worm | Naïve Art Art Painting
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Cindy Lewis-Williams - "Book Worm"

"Book Worm"

Book Worm
Oil, US$ 107

Book Worm

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W: 67mm x H: 67mm x D: 3mm
W: 3" x H: 3" x D:

Approx. Weight: 6kg

This work is framed (but can be supplied either framed or unframed)


US$ 107


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About "Book Worm"

Freedom seems to be the expression used in my artwork, simple lines but esthetically pleasing to the eye, painted with a palette knife, as one artist put it the me other day you do such simple palette knife paintings but I can see you can draw! (I was drawing in front of her)
Simple pleasure in creative form .......absolutely painted from the heart!!!!!

Cindy Lewis-Williams

I love this art!
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About Cindy

Cindy Lewis-Williams

I am in The Top 40 Sanlam Portrait Awards 2017 out of 1,437 entries in SA.

About the artist A passion for oil palette knife painting. From photo-realism in portraits (pencil and oil) to complete freedom with painting with a palette knife, which I truly love doing. Drawing for the last 7 years, doing oil paintings for a year and a half. Self taught artist using the help of an art teacher.
I was born in Northern Rhodesia on a fine December day in 1957. My family and I lived there until I was 5 years of age. My mother and father thought it would be a great new venture to go to Johannesburg and so we did, just before independence. Drawing is a passion of mine, watching the beauty of a person come alive this I want to share with others. Art was a subject I did at school and always had an interest in it. In Std 7 I won first prize for a drawing competition. My creative side lead me into the hairdressing field that I excelled in. I worked in the newly developed Eastgate Shopping Centre, for Dave and Johan. (Shows my age) My husband and 3 children have spent most of our lives in Gauteng. My husbands work then allowed us the wonderful opportunity to move to Hartebeespoort dam, I have since moved back to Honeydew Johannesburg. About the art and inspiration. One sunny day 7 years ago I rediscovered, the magic of drawing and how it inspires. I quickly pursued with my regained interest, this time with pencil drawing, my skills quickly started to resurface. I eagerly pursued this interest and encouraged it to grow. To polish up on my skills I decided to have lessons with an artist, to help with some direction, and to learn more about pencil technique and shading. Using these new found techniques of pencil artistry, I became inspired with many facets especially with beautiful sensual art. Then ventured into oil painting a year and half ago with another art teacher, my passion seems to be in pallet knife painting. ow living in Hartbeespoort I welcome feedback and would love to hear from you. Get in touch to find out more about my unique portraits.

Price Range

US$ 83-251



I am in The Top 40 Sanlam Portrait Awards 2017 out of 1,437 entries in SA.
My work has been on exhibition in Cape Town, UJ Gallery in JHB, Durban then going to George and Kysna then Bloemfonteinin 2018

2011, Student art exhibition in JHB. I ended up in the Finals at the New Signature Interview at Alice Art Gallery March 2013. March 2013 exhibition in Fair lands JHB with Rolene Yeatman.


No formal art trainging other than art at school

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