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Patricia Worsley-Beukes - Camille | Portrait Art Modern Art
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Patricia Worsley-Beukes - "Camille"


Charcoal, US$ 101


Sorry but this work has already been sold. may be willing to undertake a commission.

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Charcoal on 300gsm HP

W: 297mm x H: 420mm x D: 2mm
W: 12" x H: 17" x D:

This work is unframed


US$ 101 SOLD


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About "Camille"

Reading a short biography on Camille, my heart went out to her, a beautiful, creative and passionate woman who must have suffered greatly after being committed to an asylum by her family. I can't even begin to imagine the pain and frustration she must have endured as a creative .... Camille Claudel was a French sculptor and graphic artist. She died in relative obscurity, but has gained recognition for the originality of her work.
Talented from youth, inspired by nature, and captivated by love, Camille Claudel unlocked the emotive power of sculpture after centuries of its subtleties having been obliterated by excessive polishing and focus on technique. Drawn intuitively to the innocence of children, the experience of old age, and the complexities of love and madness, Claudel exhibited great skill in the portrayal of raw and real emotions. Whilst sculpture until this point had typically dealt in hard and impenetrable subject matter akin to its materials, Claudel managed to peer beyond the surface and add transformative elusiveness to formulaic solidity.
Sadly, following the end of her long-standing affair with fellow sculptor, Auguste Rodin, Claudel's own underlying delicacy unravelled and she experienced a psychological breakdown. As unsupported personally as she had been professionally, her own family placed her in an asylum. This action was the equivalent of caging a bird, and as Claudel could not fly in captivity, she instead became the living embodiment of her pain, a symbol of the destruction of love, existing only in her own despair. Although the woman herself died in relative obscurity, interest in her art grew organically and there is now a National Museum in France dedicated to Claudel's life's work.
Claudel experienced ongoing torment in both her personal and professional life - due to being at best sidelined and at worst completely betrayed - and this writhing agitation was often made visible in her work. Professionally, her career was a constant struggle, from being one of the first women to formally study when such was still frowned upon, to later finding it difficult to gain financial support to help cast vulnerable plaster models into lasting bronze. Personally, she felt betrayed by Rodin who aided her emotional damage to such a degree that once institutionalized, she would no longer make art in fear that he would steal her ideas. 8 Dec 1864 - 19 Oct 1943

Patricia Worsley-Beukes

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About Patricia

Patricia Worsley-Beukes

I have a love for art in all forms and mediums, be it painting, mixed media, sketching, charcoal, water colour and sculpting. To me, every piece of creative work I see has a beauty and personality all of it's own, from a child's excited, colourful scribbles on a wall, to an experienced artists 'masterpiece'! For me personally it is all beautiful and reflects a part of the artists soul.

Being a full time Mother most of my adult life I never had time for anything else. And now with my children being young adults themselves, independent and living their own lives I find myself with ample free time to just be, and create! I am a self- taught artist this past few years, and having the time of my life, absorbing all that I can, and creating as I go along.
I am enjoying all mediums at this time and have to develop a personal style as such, but I'm finding portraiture of people and animals (in graphite) to be the most rewarding right now. A lot of my past work is now hanging in the homes of overseas buyers and friends. (Happy to say!) To see the subject come alive, little by little in front of me and by my hand, truly inspires and excites me!

If anything I create now or in the future inspires another, brings them joy, or connects with them on a positive, uplifting level, it will be a job well done to me, and well worth the process.

Ultimately to connect with others on a universal level, and help them to see the beauty and love that IS this life, is my passion and desired goal ... if my art helps me to attain this, I will have lived a good life.

Price Range

US$ 76-161



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