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494 Works

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"Animals on Wood (Pyrography)"
View Large Image Other:  W: 530mm x  H: 750mm x  D: 2mm

Animals on Wood (Pyrography)
by Loraine Yaffe
US$ 2,786

View Large Image Digital:  W: 7632mm x  H: 5414mm x  D: 10mm

by Zaza Nutsu
US$ 279

"Weathered Stripes"
View Large Image Pastel:  W: 460mm x  H: 680mm

Weathered Stripes
by Coleen Williams
US$ 1,672

"Mother's Blessing"
View Large Image Oil on Canvas:  W: 455mm x  H: 610mm x  D: 20mm

Mother's Blessing
by Glynnis Zeeman
US$ 87

View Large Image Acrylic on Canvas:  W: 720mm x  H: 450mm x  D: 30mm

by Hamraj Gunpath
US$ 167

"Large Zebra Mount"
View Large Image Acrylic:  W: 1290mm x  H: 1750mm x  D: 120mm

Large Zebra Mount
by Shane Jordan
US$ 724

"African Collage"
View Large Image Oil:  W: 560mm x  H: 710mm

African Collage
by Doreen Straarup
US$ 390

View Large Image Watercolor:  W: 1002mm x  H: 760mm x  D: 35mm

by Magda Scheepers
US$ 613

"Burchell's Zebra"
View Large Image Acrylic on Board:  W: 500mm x  H: 600mm

Burchell's Zebra
by Robert Teeling
US$ 546 491

View Large Image Print:  W: 420mm x  H: 600mm x  D: 0mm

by Lauren Geldenhuys
US$ 167

View Large Image Other:  W: 350mm x  H: 420mm x  D: 4mm

by Alan Dent
US$ 435

View Large Image Charcoal:  W: 270mm x  H: 190mm x  D: 1mm

by Lynette Snow
US$ 67

"Striped Love"
View Large Image Watercolor:  W: 540mm x  H: 380mm x  D: 1mm

Striped Love
by JenVee
US$ 440

"Black & White"
View Large Image Print on Canvas:  W: 1000mm x  H: 1400mm x  D: 45mm

Black & White
by Jackie Briel
US$ 479

View Large Image Mixed Media:  W: 760mm x  H: 560mm x  D: 5mm

by Vanessa Lomas
US$ 825

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