Lonely-Tree-Flame: 1 Signed Print Lonely-Tree-Flame: 1 Signed Print Affordable Art 41693
Wilhelm du Plessis - Lonely-Tree-Flame: 1 Signed Print | Spiritual Art Original Art
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Wilhelm du Plessis - "Lonely-Tree-Flame: 1 Signed Print"

"Lonely-Tree-Flame: 1 Signed Print"

Lonely-Tree-Flame: 1 Signed Print
Print, US$ 626

Lonely-Tree-Flame: 1 Signed Print

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W: 840mm x H: 590mm
W: 33" x H: 23"

Approx. Weight: 0.1kg

This work is unframed


US$ 626


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About "Lonely-Tree-Flame: 1 Signed Print"

loneliness. clouds of blood in the free blue sky

Wilhelm du Plessis

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About Wilhelm

Wilhelm du Plessis

I desire to paint the ordinary in an extraordinary light, and paint the extraordinary in an ordinary way, to show people amazing things that they would otherwise miss. From abstract to landscape, fundamentally there is an underlying message of value and aesthetics, beauty in simplicity - I attempt to convey messages, a fundamental mood, a place where one would want to reside in peace and calm, in the image presented, a momentary timelessness where the world is of no concern and the mind, and so the heart, can be at peace.

Price Range

US$ 134-1,790



I haven't held exhibitions, as I have never nor ever will sell any paintings, they are all cherished members of my family, and are held as my own private collection. For friends I would give paintings, and do commissions. But if I paint something, I keep it. I don't ever intend on selling a single darned painting. Commissions, yes, sometimes... perhaps you could call me an Inhibitionist


Honourary Doctorate from limwell University

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